Friday, December 28, 2007

My apologies go out to Richard Bentley Young, and whom ever else may have been waiting on a end of the year post and my thoughts for 2008.
Let me first start by saying that the past week has been a whirlwind. One of my very best friends fulfilled my prophecy of being the first to get married. Okay, well she did halfway did anyway- she got engaged. On Christmas Eve at that! How romantic right? Her engagement brings on so many emotions. For one, it makes me feel so fucking old so quickly. When did we get grown? She was just driving her mom’s rusty Bronco that we named, OJ. I didn’t realize that we were even allowed to have boys call the house!!! I’m late! Okay, so that was a little extreme but really though I feel though we’re so young and even though she’s only a year and a few months older than me I’m surprised that her family was elated and supportive and that she wasn’t drowned with lectures about "living your life to the fullest before settling down with some man". She and her boyfriend have been dating for just about five years and I had been talking about who her Maid of Honor should be to avoid the drama. Who knew the very next day she’d tell me that he popped the question. Crazy?! I guess it was the natural flow of the relationship…it was truly at the final fly or die stage and the time isn’t necessarily bad – they’re both done with undergrad. He owns a home, she’s moving out on her own on the first of the new year. They both have good jobs, she’s going to grad school next semester. They’re definitely a young couple on a serious come up but I have all faith that their love and their financial saavy. (because I don’t believe love is ever enough)
Another weird thing that happened when she got engaged was this sudden pressure. It came from no where. It was like this gun went off to mark the beginning of a race. Not a singles race but a relay. Kinda’ like the "life has officially begun" gun and she’s waaaaay in the lead. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not ready to catch up to her. I can barely get a steady boyfriend, let alone a five year fire. I couldn’t even imagine being engaged, I don’t even like to play like that on Facebook. It’s just really crazy. I’m happy for her – super happy.
Another piece of my whirlwind is experiencing my very first bikini wax! WOW! That’s all I have to say. I’m guilty of sending models to get them before fashion shows but either I got a super bikini or this is the hell they go through just to weed the garden. I don’t want you all to think it was a jungle (not that you would be wondering but since I brought it up I just thought I’d clear my name) but I was always curious to see what wax could do. I actually hadn’t planned on getting a bikini wax, I went in with my younger godsisters, one who was getting a fill in and three others watching. It was Midtown Nails off of Ponce in the Whole Foods plaza. It looked clean, they all spoke very clear English and I said…hey why not. It’s not anyone will be seeing it for a while so if she messes up it’ll be a private matter. I felt like I was in a really bad but funny comedies- all I was missing was Owen Wilson or that guy from 40 Year Old Virgin, Asian wax artist included. It honestly didn’t hurt as much as it was invasive and blushworthy. When she told me to drop my the entire bottom half of my outfit (panties included) – I knew I was in big trouble. She offered a pair of disposable pair of undies to make me feel a little less out there but I soon found out that there wasn’t much coverage from them either. I was shocked that this personal of a service was offered for the extremely low price of "$22.00". I could tell she was very experienced with waxing as she went down there with no holds bar. I was so shocked, she was very thorough though. Even through all of the embarrassment, it honestly looks and feels great even though she got a little wax happy and left me with something in between a Bikini Wax and a Brazilian. What would you call that, a Brazini Wax?
2007 came and went so quickly. It has truly been an awesome year in so many ways. It was definitely The Year of Yasmine Part Deux. Since I’m the number #8, my expected graduation date is May 2008 and my birthday is in the 8th month I feel it’s only natural that 2008 will be another stellar year- The Year of Yasmine Part Trois. The only thing that scares me about good times is that where there is a mountain top there is also a valley somewhere really close. I’m nervous to think about whatever negative might happen. My only goals for 08’ is to graduate on time, get a good start with my career, and make my way back out to California!
Habari Gani Everyone and Happy New Year!

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Thursday, December 13, 2007

A Sentimental Mood
I'm not sure if it has anything to do with my new found appreciation for Smooth Jazz and listening to the rain but I have been in a very sentimental mood. So, to tie it in with the blog I decided to go back a little and revisit my top 8 favorite posts (in no particular order- get your clickers ready!). 

8. "Coming Out"  I love this post so much because it really was a postmark in my life and showed me so much about myself, being honest with myself and my feelings yet having to put 'me' aside and accept a friend. Now while this guy actually "defriended" me about 2 months ago over some nonsense, (i just chuck up to him going through alot and not knowing how and where to channel his emotions) he still taught me so much and I love him dearly.

7. "Motherhood, Marriage, and The Racial Divide"  This takes me back to my more journalistic approach. I felt this post had some hardcore principles of journalism action going on plus some very bold statements made that I still feel like have some credence. 

6. "Ujima" I love telling stories (true ones) and this one tops mosts. It was a crazy night where I bonded with some ladies who I still know and always share this night with. Just read ...

5. "The Reason Why I Hustle" This posts marks a landmark in my rise. Interviewing Chris Robinson was still one of my favorite moments to date. I was so happy to share it with my favorite magazine diva, Charreah too! Thanks for the invite :)

4. "The Industry"  I love the industry, it brings the most colorful characters out and gives fuel to some of my funniest moments. This post was a mix of storytelling and introspective spoken thoughts. 

3."Over It" I know I'm always talking about relationships and how people can't ever seem to get it together, well get together for that matter but I feel as though this posts goes into more of the real reason why as opposed to just venting. 

2. "It Can't Always be R-A-I-N-B-O-W-S" You can't win them just can't and I'm living proof. Ce la vie. 

1. "Vulnerability" As much as I hate to revisit my bloody posts of the far past, there's something about the first time your fingertip hits the keypad to expose your thoughts, feelings, and ideas to the public. I used to be an emotional writer and while I feel as though my posts still carry a sense of passion I used to let my feelings bleed on the page. Not always a good look but I'm growing..

Hope you read, enjoy, comment and maybe learn something new about me or even you. 

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Monday, December 10, 2007

Seven Down ...One To Go (prayerfully)
I just knocked out two finals (both from 10:00am-12:00pm) in French and Principles of Reasoning plus a Final project in Textiles. This past weekend I did nothing but study, eat, poop, sleep, shower, study, eat, poop, and study some more. I feel great because I know I did well in both exams even though I had added pressure from my Principles of Reasoning Professor to "work hard on the final" meaning this is do or die. So I did.  I have one more semester left and it is more pressure than ever. As of right now I'm enrolled in 18 credits and I know I have to add at least one more class which makes that 21 credit hours. I'm really going to have to push it to the limit in this last leg of the race. Go until I can't go anymore...
I am terrified.

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Sunday, December 02, 2007

The Power Hour
We would've been happy with just one hour of uninterrupted mischievous fun. A senior prank of sorts- a midnight party in the Blackburn Ballroom. The audio equipment was being set up, people were steadily arriving, and the lights were being adjusted. Then the pigs came, well the guinea pigs anyway...campus police. The silent killer of the party that could've been. This is what college is all about...this and actually getting your degree. 

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Saturday, December 01, 2007

It's 4am, I'm Just Getting Home-Tonight Was a Good Night

So, I've changed my mojo. I was on this grand quest for love and what was true in life but after assessing all that my surroundings has to offer I've realized that what I want may just have to wait but I can definitely keep myself occupied until that time comes. I mean you're only young, fly, and good looking once right? (after that you become older, fly and goodlooking ;) Anyway, my girls and I decided that tonight was a good night to celebrate our youth and seek new additions to our Little Black Books. On a mission we were!
It started at my bgf, Mike's house, he was the host house for a recent HU Law grad's going away party. To say the very least we were entirely overdressed! It was 11pm and we were in our FREAKUM OUT dresses and they were in jeans, hoodies, and few women had on high heel boots. Not to mention that we only knew my friend and his three other friends. It was soooo awkward. After being stared down by the law students, we...well I, got a rum and coke and bounced. None of them were cute anyway ...pshhhh.
So it was a slow start for sure but once we found ourselves at Jin Lounge on 14th and U it was all uphill from there. We were actually on our way to Tabaq on U St. but passed Jin on the way and the bouncer looked at us and said "hey ladies, you all should check us out...Free cover." In we were, it was cold and Jin seemed to warm and inviting. Upon entering we were welcomed by man who looked like some odd blend of Keith Sweat and Johnny Gill and my, my, my did he dance?! I mean it was 'dance fever' (ode to The Wood) in there!!!! I've never seen grown ass men dance so hard. It was like they took 1989 right out of their back pocket with the integrity of each dance move in tact- some of which I had never even seen before. 
There we encountered half of HU Med students and HU Engineer Alumn. It was great...quality men, though sometimes a bit corny, were sincere and weren't overly concerned with trying to holler. It was great. We were the belles of the ball in there. Men actually asked you to dance as opposed to accosting you from blindly from behind. It was so refreshing. 
We definitely plan on taking another trip to Friday Nights at Jin Lounge, especially since my DJ Coach, DJ Premonition, is the standing DJ every Friday. I loved it...(they also have an impressive martini menu- loved the Drink Pink)
After an hour or two we left and went to ever open Diner in Adams Morgan. Anyone who knows DC knows that you cant end a perfect club night Uptown without finishing it at The Diner. Where we met Morehouse Alum, the newest member of the Adrian Fenty staff, and a Loan Dealer (not so sure about that one...) I wonder what made us magnets tonight? Was it the confidence? (I thought I always exuded that) Or was it that we really just didn't care - one way or another? 

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