Sunday, November 05, 2006

Trannies are Meanies!

So, as you might know (per my last post of desperation) I'm doing a huge research project on gender roles and sexual orientation. Basically I want to prove that how people view gender and the roles of gender, if there are any, is a direct correlation on how people view various sexual orientations. For instance if a person thinks men bring home the bacon (hopefully turkey cuz that swine will kill ya') and women stay home and cook then they have a strict view on gender roles and will be less apt to support non-conservative lifestyles (ie homo/bi/transexuality). I want to compare the urban American society (which is mostly black folks) to other cultures. See, what you may not know is in other societies people aren't labeled like they are here.
In India they have a complete third gender of people who are neither "man" nor "woman" they're "hijras" /"eunuchs". They have a special place in society, thought to have special powers...they choose this lifestyle. Some were born women, most were born men and are castrated. Now while they're on the lower end of the cast system they have rights.
In the Native American culture effiminate little boys are looked at as special. They're taken away and trained, almost like being taken into the priesthood. When the boy comes of age, he is called a Berdache (bur-dash) and acts as a mediator between women in men. No one labels him "gay", in fact he lives life with a wife, produces children and is a prized member of his community. He's believed to have special powers.

Basically, the world isn't as closed minded as America is, black folks in particular.

So, how'd I come across the trannies you ask? Well...I conducted a little survey using Here are a few of the questions I asked:

1.What is a female?
A.A person with the biological features of a female(vagina, breasts, estrogen, etc)
B.A person who wears dresses and skirts
C.Anyone who wants to be a woman

3.If you had a little boy and he played with dolls, make-up, and liked to play dress up what would you think?
A.He's expressing himself
B.Something's not right about this situation
C.He must be gay
D.I've got to give him some boy toys to play with

7. What is your sex?

10. What is your sexual orientation
A.Heterosexual ( I like members of the opposite sex)
B.Homosexual (I like members of the same sex)
C.Bisexual ( I like members of both sexes)
D.Asexual (I'm not attracted to members of either sex)
E.I'm not sure

So, you get what I was getting at...right?

Now that I came up with this bomb yet simple and fun survey I had 24 hours to get 100 people of all different sexual orientations, genders, everything...It was not easy folks. I used everything ...facebook...MySpace...I browsed random people on MySpace asked them to take my survey (don't think that was too successful) ...hounded my friends on AIM. At 4pm I was at wit's end. I had 80 people and needed 20 more. Where was I going to get these people from? I sent facebook messages to about 800 people all together and my friends were getting annoyed plus i put two bullentins on MySpace not to mention my unsuccessful attempts to talk to weird looking men in Ohio named Charles. I didn't know where else to go.
Then I thought "Chat Rooms!", haven't been in one of those since 9th grade. (16/f/atl...remember that?) First place I thought to go...AOL. America OnLine...they're diverse, intelligent, and have a special place for gays and lesbians, which who I began targeting since I had enough "breeders". The funny thing is...when I went to their special section I saw everything but chat rooms.
What was I to do then...I know...Plan B..well, more like "BP". BLACKPLANET. I hadn't used my account in a while, I barely could remember my username "hotgurl_yaz" I knew if no one else in the world used those cest pools of freaks known as chat rooms BlackPlanet still did and oh boy was I right. I went to every chat room, the 50 something (these folks could care less that I was a college kid trying to promote social change they were focused on their next lay) 30 somethings (who were suprisingly immature) (who were definitely my favorite, though they weren't as responsive to taking my survey...we talked about everything from men on the DL to social stereotypes)...lesbian (who, not surprising really "took" to me and participated in my survey though many were upset I didn't have mutual feelings)...also took a visit to "Sexy Bi Femz4Femz" to get the bisexual point of view...and last but not least I went into the lion's den..the belly of the fire..."transexual4men". Those bitches are MEAN, well except for "Irreplaceable" she was sweet and didn't give me a hard time. Never call a transexual ...transgendered. I made that mistake and boy did I pay for it. "look girl, i'm a bytch with a dikk!" ..."a girl with a penis"...."i've got a shooter baybee!" is what was barked through the server. They had such opinions about how "no one fukked" with them...(all the curse words had to have an alternate spelling so BP couldn't censor them). These lady boys didn't care about any little college girl who was trying to lower hate crimes and discrimination...didn't care about promoting social change the geazers they just wanted their next hit! I really wanted some transexuals to do my survey because I knew that it would add credance to my research ...I didn't put "other" as an option on #7. for no reason. I didn't just want females and males, I wanted people who really consider themselves an alternative sex. Needless to say, I got my wish. Two transexuals participated in my survey ...68 females...28 males...2 other ("transexual"/"ts" is what was written in the blank)...and 3 people who just didn't answer at all.
I guess this goes without mention but in the span of 24 hours I've seen and talked with A LOT of people and found out soooo many things about the way people view themselves, others, and more than anything else gender and sexuality. I found out through the survey that one of my friends is gay, but doesn't believe in gay marriage, and thinks that while you don't have to ever completely come out you shouldn't have sex with men and women.
I really need some sleep!

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Saturday, November 04, 2006

I'm conducting a study on gender roles and its relation to sexual orientation. I need feedback from all you good people in cyber world so help a sister out!

Friday, November 03, 2006

My Thoughts of Late on the "It's Complicated" Status

Surely, there are better things that I could be doing with my time than taking this 15 minute break but fuck the practical, my mind needs a release. Lately, among other things, I've really been dwelling over the relationship status "It's Complicated" on Facebook and whether or not we should really be putting that out there for the public eye. While I understand most of us live in gray areas in our various relationships but should we really give the gray area a term or hold our ground and fight for the black and white? "it's complicated" a fair place to be just like single, in a relationship, engaged, or married (giving no credance to "in an open relationship" that's just bull). Has "it's complicated" become the symbolic "third gender" (ie the eunuchs of India) of relationship statuses? Has it become an alright place to be?
Now, I don't say this because I'm anti-"it's complicated" relationships because I'm far from being a stranger of them but as a person who has never really posted a relationship status at all whether I am in one or not or in between I figured I'd leave people to ponder for themselves and not give them anything to talk about. I hate seeing people go from "single" one day, "married" the next, all the way back to "it's complicated"...I mean the world shouldn't be exposed to the ups and downs of your encounters. Why put your business out there unnecessarily, especially if it's an unstable relationship.
Now, as I stated before I'm no stranger to "complicated" situations...(ie I know this guy whose loved by this girl but won't be with her and doesn't want anyone else to be with her and befriends guys that try and turn them away from her) but I dont just don't think the rest of the world has to know.
Just my thoughts...
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