Thursday, August 10, 2006

No Rhyme Nor Reason, Just Felt Like Writing
I should be packing/finishing up work/sleeping before my long awaited trip home but I can't get myself to commit to one task.
My soul is tired.
I said this earlier to a friend and he was a bit unnerved because it sounded as if I was saying I was ready to die. I can see why he said that but it's not like I'm singing "I Feel Like Going Home" quite yet. Although I do. To Atlanta though, not my heavenly home. It's something about life in the city that has worn me out. The week I had to take the bus... straight misery. Some of my deadbeat customers who come in 3 minutes before I'm scheduled to pull the plug...pure hell. The countless men on the street corners all vying for my attention...utter disgust. Sitting 8-9 hours straight in a less than booming boutique as people who do not have money to buy unfold my perfectly primped tees and recklessly shift through my fingerspaced racks without a second thought or any regard.
I am truly tired.
Some of my friends poke fun at me for having all types of oils, candles withs waz that turn into massaging lotion, and numerous amounts of incense. I admit I have a lot of items that might make the naked eye go "hmmm...she's a freak" but truly I use it all on me. When I feel I'm at my wits end I really do light the candle and simply risk the fire alarm going off. Let the aroma feel my atmosphere and just chill out. I make sure my tub stays clean so I can take a bath anytime I want. I always take that extra five minutes for myself just so I can feel just a little bit better about going out on the mean streets of the District of Crime.
It's something I get from a bath that I can't get from a shower. Sure, I have to take extra time to run the water, let it cool, and then sit and bathe but I don't see time wasted. I see time savoured. There is something about bathing that is so royal to me. It's what Kings and Queens did, just think back to Coming to America. So while I'm still a Lady in Waiting, I prep myself like a Queen, not for mere vanity, just to keep my sanity.
It's like how I pin curl my hair at night instead of wrapping it. Sure a wrap may be easier and /or quicker, pin curls are simply more attractive. They make me feel more glamourous and assured that if I were to ever have a visitor in the night I would not look like Who Shot John yet a sleeping beauty. I'm sure no one else notices or cares that I always take that extra five or ten minutes to myself but my soul can feel it. And it is because of that extra bit of time I take for myself that I am still breathing.
Life is too short to rush through it.

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Wednesday, August 02, 2006


Okay, let's talk about the atroscity that we all witnessed this evening at 10:28 pm. Is anyone else in complete and utter shock and horror that LC didn't decide to go to Paris just to sit around the house with Jason's sometimey ass? Oh my God, what is wrong with that girl?You have the editor of THE MOST reputable teen fashion magazine telling you she wants you to go to the fashion capitol of the WORLD...and you say, "but what about my summer with Jason..." I'm all for love but DAYUM!
TRUE LOVE WAITS ...(3 months while you're creating your career in Paris!)
I just don't get these girls, LC...Andie from The Devil Wears Prada...what don't they understand? A Million Girls WOULD DIE for the jobs that that they grunt their teeth at!
Maybe LC didn't appreciate her internship because she didn't work for it...I mean really... she showed up on Laguna Beach, caught a little celebrity which made her a prime candidate for being an intern. She was constantly fucking up...skipping out on important events, protesting assignments, and worst of all...BEING LATE! Everyone who plans on being ANYONE be early is to be on time, to be on time is to be late, and to be late to be ERASED! This whole season of The Hills was like a horrible love hate relationship. I loved seeing her in the fashion closet, being around the industry, but I hated most of the people because of their lack of drive and because they were soooo far from reality. Why didn't anyone tell Heidi quitting school to stuff papers was dumb? Or, what the heck was Jason doing with his life? Most of all....WHY DIDN'T ANYONE TELL LC TO GO TO PARIS?! Dumb bitch! Seriously...ugh. She's worse than Andie.

I'll end with a few words from my favorite beauty diva, Tia Williams:
"Ladies, anything worth having is worth working your ass off for."

That's all...

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