Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Some Like it HOT

...I would be one of them. However, my life these days just seem to be just lukewarm. Why is it that the things [and people for that matter] that we are most passionate about seem to be the hardest to attain? It seems like everything happening in my life is just simply....luke. I'm not going to lie and say that there's no love life- there is one but I wouldn't so much call it a 'love' life it's more like a 'ithinkilike' life. I've never been so nonchalant in my life. I mean I guess it's cool to have some mellowness in my often times overly dramatic life but oh my goodness, it's such a bore! I always used to ask myself if I adventure followed me or if I followed adventure and now I see that we're one in the same and one without the other makes for a very bored and unstimulated Yazzi.

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Wednesday, November 05, 2008

And Now Our Work Truly Begins

We did it, America! We finally let go of our apathy, wining, and complaining and stood in the lines that forced change to occur! While I am happy to see something that I never thought I'd witness in my lifetime, a BLACK President, I'm even happier to see democracy truly at work. Now we must live up to all that we stood in those lines for and not let apathy set back in.
I am in awe of what I witnessed tonight. To see people in long lines at the polls, radio stations being taken over by political conversations, facebook statuses with more than just snide comments about their ex's. From enslavement to presidency!!!!!! That's one hell of a trail; a trail that so many people fought, bled, and died to set. I know this is just the FIRST of many changes to come and boy am I ready!
I finally feel a bit of vindication from all those days in 9th grade government class at Landmark Christian School when I was the only moderately liberal voice to be heard. When classmates tried to mute me with their typical southern white conservative views. This is a revenge well worth waiting for.
The sad part is that they're so busy putting up ignorant facebook statuses complaining how they're going to have to work "harder" while the "lazier get even more lazy" - how predictable can you be? When do these people look past themselves to see the biggest picture? Can't they see that today is truly the day that America finally belongs to ALL OF US???? That finally we all can get a bit out of that "white only American pie"? The the white ceiling is finally broken but I guess it wouldn't be natural for every American to feel happy about that, especially when we can sense the end of white dominance in this country.
I can honestly say that growing up, especially in my teen years I had a serious issue with white people mostly because the majority of the ones around me were racist, narrow minded, one step away from the KKK .....people that I was always in defense from in one way or another- being passed up for class secretary, prefect (whatever the heck that is anyway), being slighted in cheerleading, always having to prove myself and most times still feeling like I had failed - not because of my ability but because of theirs- their ability to allow me to flourish and be the leader I was simply because of my skin. I'm sure many would dispute that as the reason but who would expect them not to anyway.
Then I grew up, looked around and saw not everyone was like the people I went to school with and that not even all of them were was terrible as I thought they once were. I realized that it's not always about race and I also realized that as a black woman, I would always have a double consciousness- and that's okay too. It's a tough situation growing up with a father who's a black nationalist, Hebrew Israelite, in the heart of Black America and then being sent to an all white school filled with christian republicans who only saw their version of right and being forced to sit in theology classes where the only thing I could agree upon was the sanctity of Jesus the Christ....
I guess my ending words to this post would be...A CHANGE IS HERE WHETHER YOU'RE READY FOR IT OR NOT.

Monday, November 03, 2008


Well, I've been in Atlanta a little over a week now and so good. I took a little time to myself while transitioning from NYC to ATL by going to Howard's Homecoming and spending quality time with family, friends, and linesisters. Homecoming honestly wasn't all I thought it would be though- I guess I really didn't miss anyone or see anyone that I did miss. I guess since I just graduated the feeling of "coming home" was kind of lackluster. However, it did feel good to be in the warm nurturing nest of HU.
So the unthinkable has occured...I'm going back to school. (Or at least that what I keep convincing myself of) The job market SUCKS and unless I want to be folding t-shirts for the rest of my career or doing something completely outside of my interest (my mom suggested becoming a nurse anesthics) - I'm going to have to if I want to 1. get to LA 2. get the kinda of jobs I want. So I decided to do a post bach program at Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising starting next fall to get me where I want to be and with the connections I need to really flourish. I never thought I would be considering school again but I believe that this career focused program will be the "how to get hired" bootcamp that I so desperately need.
I just started working with an entertaintment and fashion company here doing celebrity bookings- so if you need one for your next party, concert, college homecoming, sorority/fraternity gathering- HOLLA AT ME!!!!!
So, since I'm such a computer nerd and can sometimes spend embarassing amounts of time on the internet- I've seen this atroscity called "juicy campus" - that's is the worst website I've seen in ages. All it is is one big honesty box for different campuses to say whatever and talk about whomever they feel like- all anonymously. It's a breeding ground for haters- and people with nothing better to do with their time then to about greek life, hoes, DL men, and who has STDs. I'm so ashamed that Howard students are really giving this thing life. It's truly an embarassment for all who bear the Howard name. Brothers and sisters, we have GOT to do better. Don't we have more pertinent things to do and focus on?
On to more positive things....1 more day before Barack Obama wins the election! (fingers crossed, hopefully prayers and ballots will be answered!)