Thursday, August 28, 2008

California...Knows How To Party

Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim So, I'm in my home away from home- Floss Scandlelous, California ....The City of Angels. I love it here! There's beautiful weather, beautiful people, great shopping, and it's everything New York is not! Needless to say, I'm trying to move out here as soon as possible. I landed a great fulltime paid internship at a celebrity fashion magazine in New York but as I stated it is an ...internship and pretty soon that won't cut it anymore. It's definitely a great place for me to learn but at this point I've figured out I don't really want to be a fashion editor. One great thing about the magazine is that they have a west coast beauru. My plan is to be in LA by January 09'. I know NYC seems like the place to be, but it's truly not the place for me and I'm smart enough to know that.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008


I have an early life crisis just about daily but I'm figuring it out. I'm still California dreaming but NYC is calling my name. Things are really picking up opportunity wise. Last week the fabulous Marcia Caster, an editor from ESSENCE edited my resume and really made me look like a superstar on paper, and she didn't even lie! That gave me the boost I needed to go on an application spree. I've applied to I don't know how many jobs and have began to interviewing, meetings, power lunches. I am on a campaign here, I'm leaving no stone left unturned. I'm casting my ballot in a number of cards and waiting for the opportunity that belongs to me. My most phenomenal experience was being in the press office of a world renowned Japanese designer who for professionalism sake I will leave unnamed (though I will give his initials...Y.Y. and he has a brand with Adidas) and killed the interview only for the interviewer to tell me that I would tell me how talented and super cool I was and wonderful my portfolio was that I would probably be bored to pieces in the office and that there was little chance that I would get hired since the staff was so small there. Either way, she gave me contact names to various PR companies, Y-3, and one of my favorite Mags along with hers with encouragement to keep in touch. That felt good, validating. That even in a huuuuge rotten city like New York that I could shine. Out of alllll the girls in size 0 pants with degrees from FIT and Parson's that I, lil' thick girl from Howard University could still knock their socks off with my style and brilliance. Things are getting better but I'm taking it one day at a time. I have meetings and interviews all week, pray for me :)