Monday, December 11, 2006

The Year of Yasmine (Part Deux!)

I took inspiration for this post from my dear friend, Charreah "Queen To Be" Jackson, well...who am I kidding...i completely hi-jacked her thoughts and recreated them for my own. But that's neither here nor there. It just hit me that we are in our last days of 2006.
As I reflect on this year I have come to realize a few things...
2006 was definitely "The Year of Yasmine"

1. I started off the year right by cutting off the right person, the relationship (not the person) was so toxic...when I cut it off life was immediately 10x better and while he's made a few attempts to regain the friendship can is TOO GOOD!
2. I made some super special unforgettable friends, one in particular:)
3. I met of my most outstanding goals while at Howard, late at night freshman year I'd talk to my roomate (who now is the 2007 CHAIRWOMAN of Howard Homecoming) about how I wanted to do the fashion show when I got older...
4. I made IT happen in my personal and business life all in stride!
5. None of my friends or family members died

While this was seemingly "The Best Year Ever" I hope to make 2007 "The Best Year Ever, Part Deaux!"

1. Accomplishing one of my lifelong dreams, it's been a long hard road but I'm praying my labor will all pay off
2. Making it Haute at Homecoming ....Again (fingers crossed)
3. Doing it big summer 07' (power moves people...I'm talking power moves!)
4. Finding a great spot in the urea, it's about time I move off this campus and find a little nook of my own
5. Continuing to explore the inner workings of BAS, drives me insane sometimes but I couldn't see life without the kid
6. Love. all that other good shit!

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Sunday, December 10, 2006

My Thoughts of Late on Becoming a "Sta-ra!"
Google me, no really....Google me! "Yasmine Parrish" just type it into any "Google" toolbar and see what comes up!
Among other things, here's what I see when I search me....
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It seems as if the things are really looking up for this mini fashionista from the ATL! Until just now I realized that I AM one of those people with an enviable resumes. While I am certainly proud of my work with the Homecoming Fashion Show, I don't believe that I have come to terms with how continuously profitable, monetary and otherwise, my labor can be if I milk it the right way. Who knew it was such a huge deal?
It is funny my good friend, M.D. Batts, always says that "people know who you are, you have one of those names say 'Yasmine' and everyone knows the short thick girl who runs everything on campus that has anything to do with fashion."
People say I had some kissing my ass but truthfully when I look back I don't see it. I just remember the hard work I put in and all those people who helped me get the job done. I guess God put blinders on my head. I really don't feel like I've done anything should make me arrogant or uppity in anyway because at then end of the day I'm just a college student who dreams of splendor and glam post grad.
However, one thing I am proud of is my work ethic and hustle mode both of which I know I get from my momma!
Anyways, hopefully this new found pseudo stardom will put me one step closer to getting Bobby Valentino to be my boyfriend...No, seriously: he's cute, funny, classic Atlanta, and is on the come up!(a whole nother blogworthy topic in itself)
Until then...hustlin' real hard

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