Sunday, August 26, 2007

There Is Something So Double sided About Birthdays.

Let me just start by saying my 21st birthday has been great. I planned a 3 day weekend of it. Starting with an all girls (well, that was the intent but it was happily crashed toward the end) cake, champagne, strawberries and pedicure party. Then my bgf (best guy friend) Mike set up a really slamming chin dig at Andalu Bar and Lounge where all guests got in free ALL NIGHT (even though it was only supposed to be until 12am) with VIP. Then to end it all off my aunt threw me a really super dinner party at her amazing place. While I couldn't have asked for a better birthday and felt so much love and support from my friends and family there is something melancholy about birthdays. Among all the joy and anticipation there is something sad that happens on your birthday and I can't quite figure out what it is. Really there shouldn't be any sadness but then again it's only your birthday not a national holiday.

I've always wanted a surprise party but too afraid to actually have one. I blame it on the "Virgo" in me and say its because no one knows what I want like I know what I want but truly its because I don't think anyone would actually do it for me. So I just plan my own parties. I guess what makes me think that is that I planned a surprise party for one of my best friends and then she asked me what I was doing for my birthday very flippantly. It seems little I know but what if I had no answer? Would she have done all the things for me that I did for her? 21 is a big year, you don't get another big birthday until 25 and it's really random to have a huge party for an age like 23 so would I have had another hum drum birthday dinner at some restaurant chain? If I left it up to others to plan my birthday? Would they know me better than to try to take me to Cheesecake Factory or Benihana's? (no offense to anyone who might like those options ...I actually did Cheesecake Factory for my 15th birthday) Do my friends know me like I think they do or should?
In other news I am currently looking for my Tiffany's cross necklace that I wear everyday. I took it off because it clashed with a very ornate pearl necklace I wore on Friday but due to my inebriation I can't remember where I laid it down. It's making me sick to my stomach literally. I've had a bad attitude since I lost it.
That's all I feel like writing right now....just wanted to update you.

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Thursday, August 02, 2007

The Terminal.

From 5:15 am until 8:28pm I have been in the airport. Not even one ... two. Damn those sumbitches of AirTran Airways...X-fare can be the best of times and the worst of times. Today was the sticky black stuff at the bottom of the barrell.

6:35am- after being at the airport realizing that I will be there for at least another 5 hours I decide to take a nap.

6:45am- a woman comes rushing toward the gate in a frenzy. the door is closed. she proceeds to BANG ON THE DOOR with all her might. people begin to stare. (Is this bitch crazy? don't she know that will lock her butt up? even if she is a white woman.) She is now crying- really hard.

6:48am- she proceeds to bust the terminal door open. (after I tried to tell her that the door to the plane was closed) after that all hell broke loose. the gate attendents were shocked and immediately called security. the police came.
Apparently, the woman's mother had just died. I felt horrible for her, but I wished she would've had someone traveling with her to knock some sense into her. I guess we all have a breaking point when we loose all sanity. This was hers and I am sure she will always remember the day she posed a threat to national security.

10:38 am- I wake up to the face of my youngest brother, Caleb. "hey Yasmine!" Turns out my grandfather, brother, and two cousins were on that flight. Too bad they weren't and I didn't make it.

After one more try at the 12:40 flight, DeMone the super friendly customer service agent for AirTran suggested that we (me and my newly found travel buddies) hightail it to Dulles for more favorable flights.

1:00pm- we were off. Me, Lindsay (an Aka who just graduated from Western Kentucky with a degree in anthropology), and Juliano (a Brazilian pro-tennis player who'll be in the US Open in few weeks and wore these obnoxious Gucci shades even in the metro)

1:05pm - on the blue line toward largo town center, off at Rosslyn, catch the A5 west to Dulles

2:30pm- finally at Dulles, to wait..................and wait ............................and wait.

I was drunk off of naps and too many sex tips from the Cosmo I was reading. Lowkey though, I hate Cosmo for that very reason and since I subscribe to the cool fashion mags there was no reason to buy them. So Cosmo it was.

6:37pm- I receive the golden ticket. A SEAT assignment! Too bad, it was two more hours of waiting.

10:00pm- I finally touch down in the A. My ears still haven't unpopped. I blow my nose and all of a sudden I feel a sharp pain in my ears. The room is spinning and I seriously think I may be laid out on the women's bathroom floor in terminal A of Hartsfield-Jackson. Poor Lindsay seemed more alarmed than me.

10:05pm- I pull it together and am finally in the comfort of this magical brand new white lincoln navigator my mother "rented" (it has paper tags).
I'm home. Finally.

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FYI: I added a playlist...hope you enjoy!