Monday, February 12, 2007

The Blueprint for Evolution

This is the finest display of reinvention since Madonna.
Cee-lo Green has shown himself to be someone who has continued to remain relevant in the music industry. He performed "Crazy" at the Grammy's last night like it was the frickin' National Athem. Just amazing! He's changed his image and appeal, without negleting his core audience. He's now appealing to wider group of music lovers without selling out! It's a beautiful thing people it really is. "Ya'll are sleep and I'm trying to wake you the fuck up!" (a quote from The Smoking Aces- I know it didn't fit...I just really wanted to use it!)While he's always been very creative and a little eccentric, he has truly come into his own. From Soul Food and Goodie Mob to St. Elsewhere and Gnarls Barkley...Cee-lo Green is friggin amazing and has evolved into this uber cool icon without loosing his street cred (although, his daughter, Sierra, on my Super Sweet Sixteen almost got his card revoked!)

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Tuesday, February 06, 2007

sometimes it's REALLY easy to forget that. Last night I watched an HBO movie about the Japanese internment camps during World War II. Over 120,000 of Japanese-America was relocated to this "outdoor prisons." 62% of these people were citizens of the United States. They made people leave their homes, businesses, split up families to these "War Relocation Centers" all in the name of seeing who was loyal to a country that had NEVER been loyal to them. In the film there was an Asian family and of course there was one son who wanted to go along with the rules, stand by America, and let things float along with the system and there was another son who was more militant named Charlie. He made the most profound statement in the entire film, "We stopped being Americans the second the barbed wire went up." To some degree ALL minorities in America have experienced this. Whites use you to build the country, win olympic titles in its name, keep the rowdy coloreds at bay, pacify militant minds and supsicion...but at the end of the day AMERICAN CITIZENSHIP is negotiable. Every minority in this country has had there loyalty and/or citizenship up on the chopping block. People always say, NIGGAS AINT SHIT...WELP, CRACKERS AINT SHIT NEITHER because THEY have been doing fucked up shit since Christopher Columbus! Europeans didn't bring 'civilization' to America, they brought disease, death, and Thanksgiving.
Let's go down the list of fucked up shit they've done.
1. African "Americans" ...400 years of fucking SLAVERY! Plus another 100+ years of unabashed racism
2. Native "Americans" do you spell, "STONE COLD ROBBERY?!" ...Trail of tears anyone...We all live and breath on their land and where do they live? RESERVATIONS IN OKLAHOMA and own casinos for WHITE people to have fun in

3. Japanese "Americans" ...INTERNMENT CAMPS? Constant stereotyping, jokes at their expense...
4. Hispanic "Americans" ...first of all...the title in itself is RACIST as fuck...Clearly, each "hispanic" person has his OWN nationality. IF they are from Cuba...They're CUBAN AMERICAN....Columbia? COLUMBIAN AMERICAN...Though they may share similarities...such as a basic language but the food, specific culture, dialect DIFFERENT...SHIT!
Who's next? Middle Easterners...and "Hispanics" have alot further to go in there pledging process to join the USA.
Oh yea, AND its their FAULT we have The Bloods and The Crips....they're the bastard of children of The Black Panther Party which WAS ONLY started to combat the terrorism of whites in BLACK America! I'm not one of those people who blame Whites for each and every misfortune of minority people but truth be told THEY HAVE ALOT to do with it. I truly want to know, what a white man thinks about when he wakes up in the morning. I know its definitely not the same thing I think about as a double minority.
What makes them sooooo prone (i didn't want to use the word "inherently) to being so God Darn EVIL?

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