Wednesday, July 26, 2006

So, Lance Bass is gay...Can I be the first to say, "Who Knew?"
Speaking of homosexuality. Is there a safety net between a heterosexual male and gay men? Should every straight man have just enough homophobia to keep him from being accused of being gay? Why can't a straight man be good looking, well dressed, comfortable with not only his own sexuality but the sexuality of others and not be a target for rumors?
And is it me or can some gay men be super catty? I have gay friends, effeminate and some that are not but it always baffles me when men do not act like men. I know HBO, TLC, and Discovery Health tell us that some men have more female chromosomes than normal but seriously no matter what your sexual orientation you should always know that at the end of the day you are indeed, a man.

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Monday, July 24, 2006

My Unamicable Divorce
I just got out of an abusive relationship.
Now before you get your panties in a knot and call up the gossip columns let me explain.
I was in an abusive business relationship. I'm the coordinator of this event (some of you may know...and that's fine but for those who don't it really doesn't matter too much) and I was doing business with this man. He was supposed to bring alot to the table, quality, high end, professionalism...a touch of class but really what he ended up bringing before any contracts were signed was drama, threats, and lots of stress on my part. It was crazy- at night I would think about how I was going to fulfill his I was going to make the situation right. Then one day he seriously threatened me and I was like "hold up...I DO NOT have to take this SH!T, I have people lining up at my door trying to work with me...why am I pressed for this man...I seriously can't even Google his name. There has GOT to be a better way!" And there was a better way...the contract I was working for his services (complimentary drama and stress included) I'm getting with someone whose name I can actually Google. I feel so relieved and free from the situation, like a burden has been lifted. When I look back it really was like an abusive relationship. People warned me, but the shine of everything he promised was so enticing I decided to play with the fire. So when I got burned I felt obligated to continue. When he pulled a pyscho move, he made up for it with very sensible remarks. I was truly caught up in a web. But now I know better, I'm the big boss and I call the shots. I hired (and fired) him!
This man claims he can provide all these things and that he's so this and that but truthfully if he were who he said he were he wouldn't have been so pressed about doing my "little college show".

The Set Up: (The Turn Around is Classic and Flawlessy Executed)
On 7/17/06, selectnewyork wrote:
I need to know an update and now because my Make up, Hair Team and Stylist is awaiting a response because I place everything on whole until I received a deposit and contract and I guess this is not going to happen any time soon and I don't have any more time to deal with this HU ******. So this is it, deposit and contract within one week from today or you can remove my name and teams from assisting with this event and I will speak with corporate and let them know of my decision and why they should not work on this project and any other projects in the future.

Remember I spoke to you about why I stop doing show because of too many delays and drama... And for what $**** and stress not equal.

Good Luck!
From: yasmine
To: selectnewyork
Sent: Wed, 19 Jul 2006 10:34 PM
Subject: Re:
Okay. That is fine Mr. Moore. We will no longer be needing your services. The drama that you speak of comes from within, I think it's best we part ways now because your attitude is simply baffling, though I cannot say I was not forewarned by my predeccesors. Thank you for your time but I cannot work with constant threats and unreasonable time constraints. You are not the only person with whom I can work with, I now have the same services with much better working relations.
So thanks for your interest but from all of the horror stories and your threats, I see now I will not want to deal with this all the way until October.I thought working with alum and professional minorities would be worth it but I see now its not.

Now a professional probably wouldn't respond to this. I was blunt and to the point. I was fed up and really gave it to him. He claims to be doing all these shows in DR, Paris, Milan, etc he was worried about little ole' me and had to have the last word.

On 7/20/06, selectnewyork wrote:
First of all, I wasn't threatening you about doing *****the rest of the email was blah blah blah ...yada yada yada

Anyway in closing this email does not require nor needs a response.
Gregory Moore
Select New York

I will also forward this email over to the HU Homecoming Director and President of HU. Along with all of our email and the promises you made but didn't keep and using HU name and not respecting the Conduct Code as a student.

Maybe he's the novice here. Does he not understand the art of negotiating? Did not understand that he made a HUGE mistake of showing his ass a few times too many before there were any legalities involved? Needless to say I told the man, "That's fine. Do what you feel deem necessary but we won't be needing your services. Thanks"

Clearly he didn't appreciate that and decided to waste more space in my gmail with a appallingly unprofessional response. How pressed is he? I'm just glad it's over. I learned alot with this experience.
1. Know who has the power
2. Take heed to the advice of others
3. Pay attention to the red flags early on
4. Don't be afraid to cut all ties
5. Never argue with a fool

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Thursday, July 06, 2006

My Thoughts of Late on The State of Desperation Common to All Women, Economy Flying, Beautiful Roomates, and Profiling in Retail

Anyone who was around me the week prior to the Fourth of July knows how much I was raving about taking a spare of the moment trip to Chicago. Well, I took that trip and had fun (though I don't see what all the hype is about when it comes to The Taste or why in the world Chicago is sooooo spread out and gigantic!) While in the Go I heard the same 3 songs in rotation on the radio..."Red Alert" by Ciara, "Unfaithful" by Rihanna, and "Doing Too Much" by a new chick named Paula Deanda. The last track stuck with me the most. Here are a few of the lyrics, in case you're not familiar..."im leaving messages and voicemails telling you i miss you baby am i doin too much why you tryin to dis me when i just wanna kiss you baby am i doin too much tell me whats the issue who i give theses lips to baby am i doin too much this is turnin into somethin i aint hip to baby am i doin too much see you got me all alone waitin right here by the phone for you to call me."
After a few listens, I decided this chick was completely desperate and that the song sounded almost as lonely and despondent as the Charlie Wilson song, "Hey girl, How you doin'My name is Charlie, last name Wilson I was wonderin' if I could take you outShow you a good time, invite you to my houseHere is my number, girl you can call meAnd don't forget it baby, the name is Charlie.."
Don't they both kinda' sound sorry to you?
Anyway...after the first 1trillion times of hearing the Paula Deanda tune I realized why it was so damn popular. We all (we as in women) can relate to her despairing sentiments! While most won't admit, every woman has had her "nose wide open" for some man and for better or worse every woman has "done too much" for a guy. We've all had that one guy who we had to (some couldn't and still can't) resist calling almost everytime he popped up in our mind (which was about every 5.98 seconds), we were on a never ending, always continuing IM conversation or nonstop chirping on the Nextel, "why didn't you come through...I want to see you...where are you...i miss you" etc. It's embarassing, yes, but everyone's been there and that's why Paula is getting PAID off of her desperation.
On to other topics...I HATE ECONOMY AIRLINE ACCOMODATIONS! UGH... All 723.67 miles from Chicago to Washington, DC I flew with a 250 lb. man on my lap. When I think about it I get annoyed all over again. He wanted his seat back and I wanted my legs crossed. We couldn't have both comfortably. It's a shame and scandal! I found my self purposefully kneeing his back hoping that he'd get the not so subtle hint and adjust his seatback unfortunately I had no such luck. I can't wait to be paid so I can fly 1st class on ALL flights and not just the ones I just happen to get because the 1st class seats are the only ones open when I use my BuddyPass.
In other news...I got a new roomate today. She's really nice and I'm releived she seems normal. I'm glad she puts on make-up and goes out and has a life. What I'm not so glad about is she got the big room before I could stake my claim and she's cute so now I'm not as laisidasical about bringing my men friends around. Before I never feared that one of my suitors would find my suitemate more attractive now...well, I'm not worried but it is something to think about.
So, I started my new job today. It was great, easy going, saleable merchandise (nothing worse than working at a store that has nothing worth saleing -sp?), I only had a problem with one thing. ME. Let me know, does this sound bad? When seemingly "ghetto" women come into the boutique I get on guard, nervous that they may try and steal. While I don't outwardly treat them differently, in my mind I'm going over ways to call them out on trying to take merchandise without paying for it..."Excuse me ma'am...did you pay for that?" I feel horrible because I know it's profiling but unfortunately sometimes the stereotype is true. At my first retail job, I was required to watch a tape on theft and the different ways people can try and steal. Unfortunately, in the store I worked at, in real life most of those people had black faces and were lower on the socioeconomic ladder. I know it's wrong to profile, and I definitely try not to but it's hard to control your mind...luckily, I'm always in control of my actions and I understand that having morals has nothing to do with your tax bracket.

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