Monday, May 21, 2007


I'm currently recovering from the most horrific 4 days of my life! When things seemed as nothing more could be wrong...what happened?! Shit got worse. Wanna hear the story? Well here it go...It all started with a barking nose was running, my chest had more snot in it than a four old's nose ever did. I was supposed to be moving out of my dorm that weekened, meeting older Sorors, going to my bff's graduation, and the graduation dinners of about 5 different people. Friday morning the raindrops began to mother called me in a tissy at 8 am in the morning telling me that I needed to find out which hospital my grandfather was going to and hurry because his wife was dying. Now, I know this may sound a bit curt but I never did like the bitch so it was rather interesting mustering up energy to get out bed that early but I did it for my grandpops. So I found the hospital, Washington Hospital Center, found intensive care and the Kindle room. Waiting were her grandchildren, sister, neices, and my uncle and grandfather pretty much all people who were sad that she was so ill. Whatever...the drama began when I went down to the gift shop and brought a Sprite, sipped some, then put it in my carry-all purse. When I get up to the weeping ...ahem, "waiting" room I realized my cold drink was leaking! It had spilled on my phone and within hours my cellular phone was caput (the third time within a year!) So then I knew trying to get my already irresponsible uncle, who actually worked in the PunchOut my first two years, to help move me out without a cell phone was going to be virtually impossible. I struggled to pack my belongings but keeping my computer on just so I had some contact to the outside world through AIM. After missing graduation, my bestfriend's graduation dinner (along with a host of others), and the first opportunity to move out my belongings from the dorm (which I was supposed to be out of the next day at noon)... I finally found a phone to get in touch w/ my uncle and some magical way an RA came to my room and told me they were waiting downstairs for me. Just as we were taking the things into my grandmother's it started to rain cats and was a mess! And I found out that my grandfather's wife had indeed died, which I could believe because when I saw her the day before she had that deer in the headlights look in her eyes and she was fighting, probably the devil but only God knows that. The next day I had to figure out who was going to help me with the last bit of belongings I had...most people I would've called were either out of town, with their mothers, or tending to the dead bitch, excuse me I mean..."witch". So I immediately knew my plans to go home to Atlanta were postponed and that I would miss out on the AUC's infamous "Senior Week". Damn! Then the next day as I struggled to get all the rest of my belongings out of my dorm by noon (mind you I woke up at 10:30 as my alarm clock magically dissappeared), with no one to watch my belongings as I load them out, and wondering who was actually going to pick me up. It was a mess! Luckily my dear friend Michael watched my stuff for me (for hours at that) and let me use his phone on the hour! He was definitely the best thing that happened to me that entire weekend. My grandmother finally came to the rescue though she fussed all the while and I had to throw away my beloved floor lamp that had dimmers! ugh...I still get sick thinking about it. Then I was there at my grandma's for numbers besides the ones I could get from my voicemail and phonebook, no internet, therefore no email, no cable. After a few days of that its reminiscent of That 70's Show which is NOT fun to actually live in. THEN...on top of allllllllll of that that my father get admitted into the hospital. I couldn't friggin' win for losing! To top it all off I had to sit in a 3 hour long FUNERAL for a woman who seemingly hated my guts! Well, I actually did that out of love for my grandfather...but ce la vie. I guess everyday can't be sunshine and freshed baked brownies...

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PS: just so you know things did get better I'm finally home and have a brand new white chocolate lg phone!

Wednesday, May 09, 2007


I should be packing my life away right now but the fact of the matter is that I'm not because I felt as though I needed to pause for the cause and talk about the things that are really making me say, "wow". I got an invitation (Facebook invite on at that, I know it's convienient but Hallmark is always the classy way to go) to a baby shower to a girl who I, one haven't seen in over a year, didn't know was pregnant, nor married. Ain't that a trip?! I've written on her wall inquiring her whereabouts and a whole year of being missing in action she pops up not only with a husband, or at least I think she's married I haven't seen no wedding pictures or anything but I'm trusting that she's sincerely married and not bs-ing as people do on le' Facebook, but a bun in the oven! Should I just start drinking Deer Park and Dasani? It really seems like this pregnancy thing is in the tap! Everyone knows I CAN'T WAIT to have kids but damn I don't know about right now...I'm trying to have my house, 2 car garage, husband and everything before I start my family. I definitely respect those of my friends who have decided to step up to the plate and take care of their responsibility but it seems like a lot of people are being irresponsible in the bedroom these days. My mother always told me that people in college would come and go if not because of money, because of babies. I must say as a rising senior- it is certainly true. When I think about it most of our parents had us when they were in their early 20's and all of my friends are in their early 20's. I just guess it's just weird that we're at the age where we're mommies and daddies and doing just what our parents did. My first instinct is to react as if it's *gasp* "teen pregnancy"...but truthfully it's not. We're adults now whether we realize it or not. Having a kid is on hell of a reality check! One new life I am excited about is ZOE AMARIS! She's gonna be the shit...

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Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Back in The Day

Remember in high school when you'd stay on the phone for hours with your crush. Your heart would flutter everytime you saw that person or their number would come up on the caller ID. Instead of feeling like a junior in college I feel like I'm right back in my momma's house and only a 16 year old junior in high school. I've only had a diluted sensation of those intense butterflies the past year. It seems as all of my collegiate relationships have been very serious and intense - very adult so it feels nice to have a school girl crush again. To have things be easy breezy and not complicated or laden with drama. I love the feeling of wondering when the next time I'll see him or he'll call as opposed to awaiting the next argument. Falling asleep on the phone and then arguing about who will be the first to hang up ...I know this post seems juvenile but that's because it is and is meant to be. I hope it joggs your memory and takes you back too.

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