Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Back in The Day

Remember in high school when you'd stay on the phone for hours with your crush. Your heart would flutter everytime you saw that person or their number would come up on the caller ID. Instead of feeling like a junior in college I feel like I'm right back in my momma's house and only a 16 year old junior in high school. I've only had a diluted sensation of those intense butterflies the past year. It seems as all of my collegiate relationships have been very serious and intense - very adult so it feels nice to have a school girl crush again. To have things be easy breezy and not complicated or laden with drama. I love the feeling of wondering when the next time I'll see him or he'll call as opposed to awaiting the next argument. Falling asleep on the phone and then arguing about who will be the first to hang up ...I know this post seems juvenile but that's because it is and is meant to be. I hope it joggs your memory and takes you back too.

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T. said...

yeah i know all about crushes... I just got off one myself. only difference was he didn't (and still doesn't) know i had a crush on him. but uhmm... yeah, crushes are the s**t b/c they're so innocent!! :)

jameil1922 said...

crushes are sooooooooo fun. we always kept crushes slightly juvenile in college. we had secret boyfriends and lovers and husbands. all the girls knew but it was a secret to him. hilarious.

we also had boys we called "my freshman." these are the ones we thought were ridiculously adorable and would offer to adopt. hahahah. good times.

shani-o said...

I miss having a crush... that's my new goal for this spring!


crushes are the best!!!!
I miss that butterfly feeling.

queen-to-be said...

At 22 I still always manage to have a "crush" whether Im "dating" someone else or not. And that Ciara song is my JAM:) . . . just like that random soda bottle