Monday, December 11, 2006

The Year of Yasmine (Part Deux!)

I took inspiration for this post from my dear friend, Charreah "Queen To Be" Jackson, well...who am I kidding...i completely hi-jacked her thoughts and recreated them for my own. But that's neither here nor there. It just hit me that we are in our last days of 2006.
As I reflect on this year I have come to realize a few things...
2006 was definitely "The Year of Yasmine"

1. I started off the year right by cutting off the right person, the relationship (not the person) was so toxic...when I cut it off life was immediately 10x better and while he's made a few attempts to regain the friendship can is TOO GOOD!
2. I made some super special unforgettable friends, one in particular:)
3. I met of my most outstanding goals while at Howard, late at night freshman year I'd talk to my roomate (who now is the 2007 CHAIRWOMAN of Howard Homecoming) about how I wanted to do the fashion show when I got older...
4. I made IT happen in my personal and business life all in stride!
5. None of my friends or family members died

While this was seemingly "The Best Year Ever" I hope to make 2007 "The Best Year Ever, Part Deaux!"

1. Accomplishing one of my lifelong dreams, it's been a long hard road but I'm praying my labor will all pay off
2. Making it Haute at Homecoming ....Again (fingers crossed)
3. Doing it big summer 07' (power moves people...I'm talking power moves!)
4. Finding a great spot in the urea, it's about time I move off this campus and find a little nook of my own
5. Continuing to explore the inner workings of BAS, drives me insane sometimes but I couldn't see life without the kid
6. Love. all that other good shit!

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Sunday, December 10, 2006

My Thoughts of Late on Becoming a "Sta-ra!"
Google me, no really....Google me! "Yasmine Parrish" just type it into any "Google" toolbar and see what comes up!
Among other things, here's what I see when I search me....
Related: What Football Game? - washingtonpost.comRelated Subjects: Atlanta · Sean Combs · Ludacris · Yasmine Parrish · Stasia Barrett · Toni Morrison · Justin Timberlake · Thurgood Marshall · Ice Cube ..."
It seems as if the things are really looking up for this mini fashionista from the ATL! Until just now I realized that I AM one of those people with an enviable resumes. While I am certainly proud of my work with the Homecoming Fashion Show, I don't believe that I have come to terms with how continuously profitable, monetary and otherwise, my labor can be if I milk it the right way. Who knew it was such a huge deal?
It is funny my good friend, M.D. Batts, always says that "people know who you are, you have one of those names say 'Yasmine' and everyone knows the short thick girl who runs everything on campus that has anything to do with fashion."
People say I had some kissing my ass but truthfully when I look back I don't see it. I just remember the hard work I put in and all those people who helped me get the job done. I guess God put blinders on my head. I really don't feel like I've done anything should make me arrogant or uppity in anyway because at then end of the day I'm just a college student who dreams of splendor and glam post grad.
However, one thing I am proud of is my work ethic and hustle mode both of which I know I get from my momma!
Anyways, hopefully this new found pseudo stardom will put me one step closer to getting Bobby Valentino to be my boyfriend...No, seriously: he's cute, funny, classic Atlanta, and is on the come up!(a whole nother blogworthy topic in itself)
Until then...hustlin' real hard

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Sunday, November 05, 2006

Trannies are Meanies!

So, as you might know (per my last post of desperation) I'm doing a huge research project on gender roles and sexual orientation. Basically I want to prove that how people view gender and the roles of gender, if there are any, is a direct correlation on how people view various sexual orientations. For instance if a person thinks men bring home the bacon (hopefully turkey cuz that swine will kill ya') and women stay home and cook then they have a strict view on gender roles and will be less apt to support non-conservative lifestyles (ie homo/bi/transexuality). I want to compare the urban American society (which is mostly black folks) to other cultures. See, what you may not know is in other societies people aren't labeled like they are here.
In India they have a complete third gender of people who are neither "man" nor "woman" they're "hijras" /"eunuchs". They have a special place in society, thought to have special powers...they choose this lifestyle. Some were born women, most were born men and are castrated. Now while they're on the lower end of the cast system they have rights.
In the Native American culture effiminate little boys are looked at as special. They're taken away and trained, almost like being taken into the priesthood. When the boy comes of age, he is called a Berdache (bur-dash) and acts as a mediator between women in men. No one labels him "gay", in fact he lives life with a wife, produces children and is a prized member of his community. He's believed to have special powers.

Basically, the world isn't as closed minded as America is, black folks in particular.

So, how'd I come across the trannies you ask? Well...I conducted a little survey using Here are a few of the questions I asked:

1.What is a female?
A.A person with the biological features of a female(vagina, breasts, estrogen, etc)
B.A person who wears dresses and skirts
C.Anyone who wants to be a woman

3.If you had a little boy and he played with dolls, make-up, and liked to play dress up what would you think?
A.He's expressing himself
B.Something's not right about this situation
C.He must be gay
D.I've got to give him some boy toys to play with

7. What is your sex?

10. What is your sexual orientation
A.Heterosexual ( I like members of the opposite sex)
B.Homosexual (I like members of the same sex)
C.Bisexual ( I like members of both sexes)
D.Asexual (I'm not attracted to members of either sex)
E.I'm not sure

So, you get what I was getting at...right?

Now that I came up with this bomb yet simple and fun survey I had 24 hours to get 100 people of all different sexual orientations, genders, everything...It was not easy folks. I used everything ...facebook...MySpace...I browsed random people on MySpace asked them to take my survey (don't think that was too successful) ...hounded my friends on AIM. At 4pm I was at wit's end. I had 80 people and needed 20 more. Where was I going to get these people from? I sent facebook messages to about 800 people all together and my friends were getting annoyed plus i put two bullentins on MySpace not to mention my unsuccessful attempts to talk to weird looking men in Ohio named Charles. I didn't know where else to go.
Then I thought "Chat Rooms!", haven't been in one of those since 9th grade. (16/f/atl...remember that?) First place I thought to go...AOL. America OnLine...they're diverse, intelligent, and have a special place for gays and lesbians, which who I began targeting since I had enough "breeders". The funny thing is...when I went to their special section I saw everything but chat rooms.
What was I to do then...I know...Plan B..well, more like "BP". BLACKPLANET. I hadn't used my account in a while, I barely could remember my username "hotgurl_yaz" I knew if no one else in the world used those cest pools of freaks known as chat rooms BlackPlanet still did and oh boy was I right. I went to every chat room, the 50 something (these folks could care less that I was a college kid trying to promote social change they were focused on their next lay) 30 somethings (who were suprisingly immature) (who were definitely my favorite, though they weren't as responsive to taking my survey...we talked about everything from men on the DL to social stereotypes)...lesbian (who, not surprising really "took" to me and participated in my survey though many were upset I didn't have mutual feelings)...also took a visit to "Sexy Bi Femz4Femz" to get the bisexual point of view...and last but not least I went into the lion's den..the belly of the fire..."transexual4men". Those bitches are MEAN, well except for "Irreplaceable" she was sweet and didn't give me a hard time. Never call a transexual ...transgendered. I made that mistake and boy did I pay for it. "look girl, i'm a bytch with a dikk!" ..."a girl with a penis"...."i've got a shooter baybee!" is what was barked through the server. They had such opinions about how "no one fukked" with them...(all the curse words had to have an alternate spelling so BP couldn't censor them). These lady boys didn't care about any little college girl who was trying to lower hate crimes and discrimination...didn't care about promoting social change the geazers they just wanted their next hit! I really wanted some transexuals to do my survey because I knew that it would add credance to my research ...I didn't put "other" as an option on #7. for no reason. I didn't just want females and males, I wanted people who really consider themselves an alternative sex. Needless to say, I got my wish. Two transexuals participated in my survey ...68 females...28 males...2 other ("transexual"/"ts" is what was written in the blank)...and 3 people who just didn't answer at all.
I guess this goes without mention but in the span of 24 hours I've seen and talked with A LOT of people and found out soooo many things about the way people view themselves, others, and more than anything else gender and sexuality. I found out through the survey that one of my friends is gay, but doesn't believe in gay marriage, and thinks that while you don't have to ever completely come out you shouldn't have sex with men and women.
I really need some sleep!

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Saturday, November 04, 2006

I'm conducting a study on gender roles and its relation to sexual orientation. I need feedback from all you good people in cyber world so help a sister out!

Friday, November 03, 2006

My Thoughts of Late on the "It's Complicated" Status

Surely, there are better things that I could be doing with my time than taking this 15 minute break but fuck the practical, my mind needs a release. Lately, among other things, I've really been dwelling over the relationship status "It's Complicated" on Facebook and whether or not we should really be putting that out there for the public eye. While I understand most of us live in gray areas in our various relationships but should we really give the gray area a term or hold our ground and fight for the black and white? "it's complicated" a fair place to be just like single, in a relationship, engaged, or married (giving no credance to "in an open relationship" that's just bull). Has "it's complicated" become the symbolic "third gender" (ie the eunuchs of India) of relationship statuses? Has it become an alright place to be?
Now, I don't say this because I'm anti-"it's complicated" relationships because I'm far from being a stranger of them but as a person who has never really posted a relationship status at all whether I am in one or not or in between I figured I'd leave people to ponder for themselves and not give them anything to talk about. I hate seeing people go from "single" one day, "married" the next, all the way back to "it's complicated"...I mean the world shouldn't be exposed to the ups and downs of your encounters. Why put your business out there unnecessarily, especially if it's an unstable relationship.
Now, as I stated before I'm no stranger to "complicated" situations...(ie I know this guy whose loved by this girl but won't be with her and doesn't want anyone else to be with her and befriends guys that try and turn them away from her) but I dont just don't think the rest of the world has to know.
Just my thoughts...
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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Dear Pumpkin,
Happy Birthday! You'd be 22 today! Can you imagine? I remember your 16th birthday like it was yesterday...the Mary J. Blige wore that turqoise snakeskin top from Express and i wore that tan and cream zebra print 2-piece whatever it was! LOL...thank God the fashions have evolved...didn't we think we were soooo hot?!
So I guess you saw the tattoo...hope you like it. I can't tell you how much I miss you. But I know you really never left and you speak to me in my dreams. Life is hard. Sometimes I wish I could be there with you but I know it's not my time and honestly, I'm living enough for the both of us. I wonder what you'd be like...I mean at 22. Would you really have come to Howard like we talked about? What would your major have been? I mean, forget college...I wonder how prom would have been? We had been talking about it forever...was Labat ever really going to ask you? It's been five years now and somethings never change.
To this day no one has ever been able to measure to the bond that we share. It's funny how we would stay on the phone for hours because for the most part now I hate the phone. And to this day no one else's tongue gets those extra sensitive bumps on them after eating too many Sour Patch Kids...I can't eat them without thinking of you. The tree they planted for you is growing leaps and bounds. I can't tell you how much I miss you. As you know, God sent me really awesome friends after you left. It was gonna take that or else I don't think I could have survived, even after 5 years too many thoughts of you can bring me to tears. It's crazy that I got this tattoo so that when people saw it they'd ask "Who's Gabby?" and I'd be able to tell them what an amazing person you were but I sometimes when they actually ask it pains me to tell them. They ask how you died and how old you were and I get mad at God for taking you all over again.
Well, I won't keep you...I have some more to do today but I did want to take a second and stop to tell you how much you are loved and how you are never ever ever ever forgotten.
Love Always,

October 31, 1984-April 9, 2001

Tuesday, October 24, 2006


Monday, October 23, 2006

just when you think things are returning to normalcy (is that a word?) things seemingly become even more crazy. I thought life was going to return to the everyday once Homecoming was over ...I couldn't be more wrong! My life is such a pyscho-melodramatic soap opera these days filled with random happenings and things you only see in Spike Lee movies. And for once I think I may have more on my plate than I can truly handle...I know that's very dangerous to admit on the internet but between being the Vice-President of University Fashion Council and HU Association of Black Journalist plus mentoring with LADIES, Girl Scouts and working at the boutique ON TOP OF being a student and pursuing other ventures it's beginning to be alot and now that the fashion show is over there is no excuse. So, I think the answer is to quit the much as I LOVE my hair discount I just can't be the employee I pride myself on being with all these other things on my plate. I just don't want to do an injustice to any of my organizations by not being the leader I wanted to be. It's sooo crazy how I have these positions because I truly never ran for any of them they were given to me. And because of that I know God has entrusted me with these responsibilities that I need to do better at fulfilling.
I have to admit that I'm quite a perfectionist but not in the traditional sense of the word. It's more like I try to be perfect and become quite hurt when it comes out that I'm not. It's weird I know. Clearly, I understand that I am not perfect and that perfection is unattainable but when I come face to face with that fact it truly hurts me to the point of tears. Frankly, I don't get can I know that something is unattainable yet hold myself to the standard and be hurt when I don't meet the mark?
I guess I'm just trying to reach my "peak"...

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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

My Final Words

"The Other Side...


It has overwhelmingly warmed my heart to feel all of the love and support people have shown me and how not only has the Howard Family but the greater global community has appreciated my vision for the 2006 Howard University Homecoming Fashion Show.When I first received the job as Homecoming Fashion Show Coordinator, even I was a little nervous about my abilities.My mentor and predecessor, Danielle Perkins, was such a big name within the fashion world of Howard, it was a bit daunting to come behind her. I knew I had huge shoes to fill and great expectations to meet.I’m not quite sure if I was truly ready for the pseudo-celebrity that this position would cause. I’ve never had much of a showstopper personality, so to all of a sudden be the center of attention was interesting/cool/slightly scary. It’s weird for people to know who you are when you may or may not know that they exist, especially when you were once them.This position was like hitting the lottery. A true Cinderella story for me. My sophomore year was the worst ever. In just three semesters I was turned down from three organizations! I couldn’t win for losing. It never seemed like the ball was in my court. Needless to say, when it was time to turn in my proposal, I had my doubts. I knew my idea was good, because I went through so many horrible ones. Thank goodness Danie Rae shot down my first idea, “Genesis: The Beginning of Fashion!” I should probably thank William Shakespeare for creating the original play, Hugh Hefner for having his annual “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” party, and Victoria’s Secret for inspiring me to have huge pieces of candy somewhere in my show. It turns out that when something is meant to be, it all works itself out. Once I reviewed the play, “A Midsummer Night’s Dream,” and remembered it was about the hottest party of the season I thought about how I could interpret that in scenes. I heard the song, “Pimping All Over the World” and figured I could do something of the sort to my theme by “twisting” it to different genres. That’s when I came up with each of my scenes.Although before Harajuku there was Africa, I figured Africa was a bit overdone and decided to take out the motherland and travel to the Land of the Rising Sun.After that, everything went like clockwork. There were a few glitches along the way: a crazy overbearing stylist whose name has yet to pop up when I google him, some wayward designers and sponsors that fell through. I truly learned the power of my voice during this time and the art of simply saying “no.” Compromise, teamwork, and respect are all things that have helped me along the way. I understand that grace and poise also works in your favor and that bad/diva attitudes get you nowhere but sent out the door. Through the stress, the victories, and even a few tears, I’d like to believe my show was pretty great and I’m happy that everyone was able to see the fruits of my labor.
-Yasmine Parrish, 2006 Homecoming Fashion Show Coordinator"

Sunday, October 08, 2006

C'mon Homie We Major
My second show sold out in a single day. Though I still have some reservations on receiving congratualatory remarks, since I dont think it has too much to do with me personally, it is pretty cool that people are that excited to see what's coming. I can't wait quench the thirst of everyone who waited in long deadly lines, bought outrageously priced tickets, and did everything in their power to be at my show. It definitely won't be a dollar spent that's not worth it. I truly feel like God has directed my path every single step of the way and allowed me to see the mistakaes I've made and helped me to correct them inorder to make even better decisions.
One HUGE thing I've learned is though while you may be friends with someone that does not mean that you all work well together. I had my friend helping me with one aspect of the show and just about every conversation ended with a death battle argument. Sad but true, it took me way too long to realize that our working relationship was simply not going to work. He was causing more stress than what his work was worth. This experience has taught me so much about myself. My stregnths weaknesses, what works...what doesn't, WHO works and who DOESN'T ...everything. I'm a lot more tough too. This was no easy task but it's my goal to make it look easy...I can't wait for everyone to see the fruits of my labor!
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Sunday, September 24, 2006

It is the most peculiar sensation, sitting right across from someone and feeling like you are on opposites sides of the universe. Being so close and feeling so far away. You can only experience this with someone with whom you were once emotionally close to and later for whatever reason there is some distance. How can you see someone every single day and feel like you grow further and further more apart as each day passes? I tell you it is a very strange thing.
While I wholeheartedly understand that eventually the newness of any relationship wears off, it is interesting that a friendship can go from growing leaps and bounds to being so stagnant and having the growth of that same very friendship seemingly hault all toghether.
Nothing even has to be said. Female intuition can tell everything, a woman...a real woman who's real with herself..., knows when something has changed.
I truly believe our friendship has been lost in the crowd. What began as 2 has grown into 12, and I'm think it's beginning to take a toll. Never did I ever think they'd know more about us than we do...Isn't it funny how things change?
The person I thought I knew so well, I really know little about. I'm not sure if that was really you in the beginning and you've know changed into something I don't like or if this is really you and nothing you were saying and doing was really true. We're all constantly growing and evolving, I just hope you're evolving into someone I don't like. I had high hopes.

Or maybe I'm just tripping and it's really THE growing pains everyone keeps talking about.

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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Since I Have Some Time To Spare
Okay, it's official...ya' girl has hit it big time!
People left and right have been telling me they heard MY NAME on the radio (thanks Dom!). Tickets have just gone on sale for my first show and I'm too excited now. My vision is really coming to life. My mother just bought 20 tickets (well, she really only bought 10...I gave her the other half) to my first show JUST so that all of my family and friends could be there from DC and Atlanta. I've got my models...the designers are all falling in line...and I just feel like something good is just around the corner. If you've been around me for the past 5 months or so, you know that I have not been overly excited about the fashion show...not that I wasn't happy that I was blessed with the opportunity but I was knee deep in mud and deadlines...don't get me wrong...I still am knee deep in mud and deadlines except for now I can see the other side of the river, the light at the end of the tunnel, the show in a mere 29 days.
To see people lined up just to buy tickets to MY production almost had me in tears, I feel so humbled and for the most part have forgotten that3,000 people will be there to witness MY brainchild. The concepts and ideas that I wrote and thought out and rewrote again. It's a crazy thing.
Twisted: A Midsummer Night's Dream
2006 Howard University Homecoming Fashion Show
Fashion Show I & II
October 12, 2006
7:00, 10:00pm

Monday, September 04, 2006

Back By Popular Demand....

I told myself I'd make it to bed by midnight. It's now 11:31pm....I have 29...welp, take that back 28 minutes to make this entry happen. I start my first REAL day of school tomorrow. I know...I know the first official day of school was August 28th but I had my 20th birthday party the night before and missed most of my classes on the first day which set the tone for the rest of my week and also made me realize how bad I needed to drop my 8am Slimnastics II class. Between my late night dinners in the newly built luxury student apartments University Town Center and model calls and cuts it seems as if going to class has been an afterthought. I think it was my own personal protest, my way of sticking it to "the man" for cutting my summer short. But I've put my pickett signs away and got my pens and notepads ready...4.0GPA is my goal!
So, it turns out I've become somewhat of a local celebrity around these hollowed halls of Howard U. Which is actually really weird/interesting/ironic and I guess slightly cool seeing as how I'm the biggest loser I know. I've tried out for just about every notable organization on campus (I won't name any names...don't even try it NOSEY!) and been a big REJECT for most of them. One I went out for more than once and was denied both times! If it weren't for The Hilltop and The Homecoming Steering Committee, I think I would have probably felt like a failure. They were the ONLY two organizations on campus who gave me a chance. I'd like to believe that I was a success at good ole' H Psi Phi (my Hilltop Heads know what that is) being that I was Staff Writer of The Year (eternally waiting on my plaque) and so far I think I've done a good job with HUHSC though the verdict's still out since the fashion show hasn't happened yet.
17 minutes to go...
We had the model call last week, it went pretty well I believe...the selections were soooooooooo extremely painstaking. I said "no" to a lot of people who I really love not only as people but as models. I've been getting countless facebook messages from friends and acquintances asking why they weren't selected, what they could have done better, and who got picked because they know "so many good people who didn't make it". Honestly, it's like that each and every year, I guess I should have known there would be some who would question my judgement but you never know how it feels until it happens to you. But just so inquiring minds know...Twisted: A Midsummer's Night Dream is going to be HOT like no other and my models are going to be AWESOME.
Another thing I've learned from working on such a gigantic production is people do not really care about you as a person. Everyone just wants to get a piece for themselves. If I'm short with someone or am obviously stressed they automatically get offended and choose to tell me about myself as opposed to taking into consideration all that I am going through not to mention that I get told about myself each and every Saturday morning at 10am sharp! So if you're reading this and I've seemingly gotten an "attitude" with you please know it's not really at you...I'm just busy, stressed, and anticipating October 12.
8 minutes to go....
My personal life has completely been shattered by everything that's going on.
Things I thought were there aren't, friends I thought would step up to the plate haven't, commitments that haven't been committed, and while I'm always on the scene a bit of me always feels alone. It's weird because there is nothing anyone can do to change that. Even when I know someone is making an effort to include me, which most times they do, I still feel alone. Have you ever thought about that? Do you feel like a solo soul that is ocassional joined by another or do you feel as though you're always with others? I definitely feel like I'm alone even amongst hundreds of people. I don't really know why or if it's necessarily a bad thing. I just understand we all have our own lives, own agendas, and own goals.
4 minutes...
Okay, so I hope my loyal readers feel their thirst has been quenched. Sorry I haven't written in a while but life has been happening so fast I have hardly had a second to breath. No worries though, I'll be back if no sooner then I will later...if not later I will...eventually.

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Thursday, August 10, 2006

No Rhyme Nor Reason, Just Felt Like Writing
I should be packing/finishing up work/sleeping before my long awaited trip home but I can't get myself to commit to one task.
My soul is tired.
I said this earlier to a friend and he was a bit unnerved because it sounded as if I was saying I was ready to die. I can see why he said that but it's not like I'm singing "I Feel Like Going Home" quite yet. Although I do. To Atlanta though, not my heavenly home. It's something about life in the city that has worn me out. The week I had to take the bus... straight misery. Some of my deadbeat customers who come in 3 minutes before I'm scheduled to pull the plug...pure hell. The countless men on the street corners all vying for my attention...utter disgust. Sitting 8-9 hours straight in a less than booming boutique as people who do not have money to buy unfold my perfectly primped tees and recklessly shift through my fingerspaced racks without a second thought or any regard.
I am truly tired.
Some of my friends poke fun at me for having all types of oils, candles withs waz that turn into massaging lotion, and numerous amounts of incense. I admit I have a lot of items that might make the naked eye go "hmmm...she's a freak" but truly I use it all on me. When I feel I'm at my wits end I really do light the candle and simply risk the fire alarm going off. Let the aroma feel my atmosphere and just chill out. I make sure my tub stays clean so I can take a bath anytime I want. I always take that extra five minutes for myself just so I can feel just a little bit better about going out on the mean streets of the District of Crime.
It's something I get from a bath that I can't get from a shower. Sure, I have to take extra time to run the water, let it cool, and then sit and bathe but I don't see time wasted. I see time savoured. There is something about bathing that is so royal to me. It's what Kings and Queens did, just think back to Coming to America. So while I'm still a Lady in Waiting, I prep myself like a Queen, not for mere vanity, just to keep my sanity.
It's like how I pin curl my hair at night instead of wrapping it. Sure a wrap may be easier and /or quicker, pin curls are simply more attractive. They make me feel more glamourous and assured that if I were to ever have a visitor in the night I would not look like Who Shot John yet a sleeping beauty. I'm sure no one else notices or cares that I always take that extra five or ten minutes to myself but my soul can feel it. And it is because of that extra bit of time I take for myself that I am still breathing.
Life is too short to rush through it.

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Wednesday, August 02, 2006


Okay, let's talk about the atroscity that we all witnessed this evening at 10:28 pm. Is anyone else in complete and utter shock and horror that LC didn't decide to go to Paris just to sit around the house with Jason's sometimey ass? Oh my God, what is wrong with that girl?You have the editor of THE MOST reputable teen fashion magazine telling you she wants you to go to the fashion capitol of the WORLD...and you say, "but what about my summer with Jason..." I'm all for love but DAYUM!
TRUE LOVE WAITS ...(3 months while you're creating your career in Paris!)
I just don't get these girls, LC...Andie from The Devil Wears Prada...what don't they understand? A Million Girls WOULD DIE for the jobs that that they grunt their teeth at!
Maybe LC didn't appreciate her internship because she didn't work for it...I mean really... she showed up on Laguna Beach, caught a little celebrity which made her a prime candidate for being an intern. She was constantly fucking up...skipping out on important events, protesting assignments, and worst of all...BEING LATE! Everyone who plans on being ANYONE be early is to be on time, to be on time is to be late, and to be late to be ERASED! This whole season of The Hills was like a horrible love hate relationship. I loved seeing her in the fashion closet, being around the industry, but I hated most of the people because of their lack of drive and because they were soooo far from reality. Why didn't anyone tell Heidi quitting school to stuff papers was dumb? Or, what the heck was Jason doing with his life? Most of all....WHY DIDN'T ANYONE TELL LC TO GO TO PARIS?! Dumb bitch! Seriously...ugh. She's worse than Andie.

I'll end with a few words from my favorite beauty diva, Tia Williams:
"Ladies, anything worth having is worth working your ass off for."

That's all...

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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

So, Lance Bass is gay...Can I be the first to say, "Who Knew?"
Speaking of homosexuality. Is there a safety net between a heterosexual male and gay men? Should every straight man have just enough homophobia to keep him from being accused of being gay? Why can't a straight man be good looking, well dressed, comfortable with not only his own sexuality but the sexuality of others and not be a target for rumors?
And is it me or can some gay men be super catty? I have gay friends, effeminate and some that are not but it always baffles me when men do not act like men. I know HBO, TLC, and Discovery Health tell us that some men have more female chromosomes than normal but seriously no matter what your sexual orientation you should always know that at the end of the day you are indeed, a man.

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Monday, July 24, 2006

My Unamicable Divorce
I just got out of an abusive relationship.
Now before you get your panties in a knot and call up the gossip columns let me explain.
I was in an abusive business relationship. I'm the coordinator of this event (some of you may know...and that's fine but for those who don't it really doesn't matter too much) and I was doing business with this man. He was supposed to bring alot to the table, quality, high end, professionalism...a touch of class but really what he ended up bringing before any contracts were signed was drama, threats, and lots of stress on my part. It was crazy- at night I would think about how I was going to fulfill his I was going to make the situation right. Then one day he seriously threatened me and I was like "hold up...I DO NOT have to take this SH!T, I have people lining up at my door trying to work with me...why am I pressed for this man...I seriously can't even Google his name. There has GOT to be a better way!" And there was a better way...the contract I was working for his services (complimentary drama and stress included) I'm getting with someone whose name I can actually Google. I feel so relieved and free from the situation, like a burden has been lifted. When I look back it really was like an abusive relationship. People warned me, but the shine of everything he promised was so enticing I decided to play with the fire. So when I got burned I felt obligated to continue. When he pulled a pyscho move, he made up for it with very sensible remarks. I was truly caught up in a web. But now I know better, I'm the big boss and I call the shots. I hired (and fired) him!
This man claims he can provide all these things and that he's so this and that but truthfully if he were who he said he were he wouldn't have been so pressed about doing my "little college show".

The Set Up: (The Turn Around is Classic and Flawlessy Executed)
On 7/17/06, selectnewyork wrote:
I need to know an update and now because my Make up, Hair Team and Stylist is awaiting a response because I place everything on whole until I received a deposit and contract and I guess this is not going to happen any time soon and I don't have any more time to deal with this HU ******. So this is it, deposit and contract within one week from today or you can remove my name and teams from assisting with this event and I will speak with corporate and let them know of my decision and why they should not work on this project and any other projects in the future.

Remember I spoke to you about why I stop doing show because of too many delays and drama... And for what $**** and stress not equal.

Good Luck!
From: yasmine
To: selectnewyork
Sent: Wed, 19 Jul 2006 10:34 PM
Subject: Re:
Okay. That is fine Mr. Moore. We will no longer be needing your services. The drama that you speak of comes from within, I think it's best we part ways now because your attitude is simply baffling, though I cannot say I was not forewarned by my predeccesors. Thank you for your time but I cannot work with constant threats and unreasonable time constraints. You are not the only person with whom I can work with, I now have the same services with much better working relations.
So thanks for your interest but from all of the horror stories and your threats, I see now I will not want to deal with this all the way until October.I thought working with alum and professional minorities would be worth it but I see now its not.

Now a professional probably wouldn't respond to this. I was blunt and to the point. I was fed up and really gave it to him. He claims to be doing all these shows in DR, Paris, Milan, etc he was worried about little ole' me and had to have the last word.

On 7/20/06, selectnewyork wrote:
First of all, I wasn't threatening you about doing *****the rest of the email was blah blah blah ...yada yada yada

Anyway in closing this email does not require nor needs a response.
Gregory Moore
Select New York

I will also forward this email over to the HU Homecoming Director and President of HU. Along with all of our email and the promises you made but didn't keep and using HU name and not respecting the Conduct Code as a student.

Maybe he's the novice here. Does he not understand the art of negotiating? Did not understand that he made a HUGE mistake of showing his ass a few times too many before there were any legalities involved? Needless to say I told the man, "That's fine. Do what you feel deem necessary but we won't be needing your services. Thanks"

Clearly he didn't appreciate that and decided to waste more space in my gmail with a appallingly unprofessional response. How pressed is he? I'm just glad it's over. I learned alot with this experience.
1. Know who has the power
2. Take heed to the advice of others
3. Pay attention to the red flags early on
4. Don't be afraid to cut all ties
5. Never argue with a fool

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Thursday, July 06, 2006

My Thoughts of Late on The State of Desperation Common to All Women, Economy Flying, Beautiful Roomates, and Profiling in Retail

Anyone who was around me the week prior to the Fourth of July knows how much I was raving about taking a spare of the moment trip to Chicago. Well, I took that trip and had fun (though I don't see what all the hype is about when it comes to The Taste or why in the world Chicago is sooooo spread out and gigantic!) While in the Go I heard the same 3 songs in rotation on the radio..."Red Alert" by Ciara, "Unfaithful" by Rihanna, and "Doing Too Much" by a new chick named Paula Deanda. The last track stuck with me the most. Here are a few of the lyrics, in case you're not familiar..."im leaving messages and voicemails telling you i miss you baby am i doin too much why you tryin to dis me when i just wanna kiss you baby am i doin too much tell me whats the issue who i give theses lips to baby am i doin too much this is turnin into somethin i aint hip to baby am i doin too much see you got me all alone waitin right here by the phone for you to call me."
After a few listens, I decided this chick was completely desperate and that the song sounded almost as lonely and despondent as the Charlie Wilson song, "Hey girl, How you doin'My name is Charlie, last name Wilson I was wonderin' if I could take you outShow you a good time, invite you to my houseHere is my number, girl you can call meAnd don't forget it baby, the name is Charlie.."
Don't they both kinda' sound sorry to you?
Anyway...after the first 1trillion times of hearing the Paula Deanda tune I realized why it was so damn popular. We all (we as in women) can relate to her despairing sentiments! While most won't admit, every woman has had her "nose wide open" for some man and for better or worse every woman has "done too much" for a guy. We've all had that one guy who we had to (some couldn't and still can't) resist calling almost everytime he popped up in our mind (which was about every 5.98 seconds), we were on a never ending, always continuing IM conversation or nonstop chirping on the Nextel, "why didn't you come through...I want to see you...where are you...i miss you" etc. It's embarassing, yes, but everyone's been there and that's why Paula is getting PAID off of her desperation.
On to other topics...I HATE ECONOMY AIRLINE ACCOMODATIONS! UGH... All 723.67 miles from Chicago to Washington, DC I flew with a 250 lb. man on my lap. When I think about it I get annoyed all over again. He wanted his seat back and I wanted my legs crossed. We couldn't have both comfortably. It's a shame and scandal! I found my self purposefully kneeing his back hoping that he'd get the not so subtle hint and adjust his seatback unfortunately I had no such luck. I can't wait to be paid so I can fly 1st class on ALL flights and not just the ones I just happen to get because the 1st class seats are the only ones open when I use my BuddyPass.
In other news...I got a new roomate today. She's really nice and I'm releived she seems normal. I'm glad she puts on make-up and goes out and has a life. What I'm not so glad about is she got the big room before I could stake my claim and she's cute so now I'm not as laisidasical about bringing my men friends around. Before I never feared that one of my suitors would find my suitemate more attractive now...well, I'm not worried but it is something to think about.
So, I started my new job today. It was great, easy going, saleable merchandise (nothing worse than working at a store that has nothing worth saleing -sp?), I only had a problem with one thing. ME. Let me know, does this sound bad? When seemingly "ghetto" women come into the boutique I get on guard, nervous that they may try and steal. While I don't outwardly treat them differently, in my mind I'm going over ways to call them out on trying to take merchandise without paying for it..."Excuse me ma'am...did you pay for that?" I feel horrible because I know it's profiling but unfortunately sometimes the stereotype is true. At my first retail job, I was required to watch a tape on theft and the different ways people can try and steal. Unfortunately, in the store I worked at, in real life most of those people had black faces and were lower on the socioeconomic ladder. I know it's wrong to profile, and I definitely try not to but it's hard to control your mind...luckily, I'm always in control of my actions and I understand that having morals has nothing to do with your tax bracket.

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Friday, June 30, 2006

Just Let Me Say....

A blog is a form of personal expression to the public. Anything I say in MY BLOG is up to me. While I'm not a bitch and am fully aware of the readers, (though most times they freeload and never comment)...I will never let anyone or any situation stop me from speaking my mind. Yes, I censor myself- I'd never completely put someone on blast and I'd never "defame" anyone's character, unless it were true you understand...
So about my roomates. They're not bad people really they're not. They just weren't made for me and that's completely okay because as we all know the world never has and never will revolve around me. However, being that this is my blog ...sometimes when it gets real bad I will speak on it.
Just for the record...the girl mentioned first in my blog...she's an alright person. She's not dirty though sometimes I wish I didn't what curl pattern her hair has since it's normally spotted all over the bathroom. But she just moved out so everything that happened is in the past and I don't wish any bad for her. She's not a bad person just not the best roomate for me.
The second situation...when I thought the girl commited suicide. That's a true story, but honestly I haven't seen the girl since. She's never here and I hardly see signs of her living besides that night she has never been an issue and so besides that incident I've never mentioned her.
Okay, just thought I should share that with all of my loyal readers. Continue on, continue on with your obviously dreary everyday lives (since you felt the need to email my blurbs about the problems I was having with my roomates to enough people but it's okay, my blog is in public space and I understand that, I still just think you're pretty lame).

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Thursday, June 29, 2006

...On Social Obligation

Well, many of you who know me know that one of my most long standing Facebook quotes is, "I don't have to do a damn thing but stay black and die!" It's Morgan Freeman from the movie, Lean on Me. While I love this quote, I've had to retire it because I don't truly agree with it. Not only do I have to stay "black" (for lack of a better description of my ethnicity) and die, but it is my personal obligation to give back and feed into youth what was imparted in me. "Community Service" is invaluable and a priceless experience, not only do the people being 'serviced' receive something but the people serving the community gain life long knowledge about the real issues that this world faces.
This past week I've been working with some of the most intelligent, driven, and wittiest young ladies I've ever met. I was a team leader for Equipo Azul al Encuentro de Chicas Latinas de Girl Scouts. At this 3 day latina youth leadership conference I was able to meet and be inspired by the young ladies I worked with. Most of them are first generation American citizens, if not immigrants themselves. While the girls at the conference already had some sense of leadership but could not see past high school. Latinas have the highest teen pregnancy rate and high school drop out rates as well. As the largest minority in America today, it's important that they become well adjusted citizens to help make a better America and it's our duty (college educated people ...of any color I suppose, though latinos and blacks should be the first in line to volunteer) to ensure this new generation of latinos see past the statistics.
While I was speaking to my two of my group members, Noemi and Elisa, about the opportunities and advantages for teens in the Girl Scouting program, I got embarassingly choked up inside about how important it is to give your time to those younger than you. I know this sounds corny, but I saw the inspiration in their eyes and how empowered they felt knowing que es la verdad "SI, SE PUEDE" ...yes, it can be done...whatever you want to can be done. Now, the girls who I thought I was helping, now have me hooked because they're really the cool kids. I've already emailed them all...friended them on MySpace and Facebook.
This is very extreme, but apart of me whats to leave everything behind when I graduate and give myself to the world's causes. Go to countries in the Carribean and Latin America and go and inspire, spread the word that you can truly do anything that you desire to do in this world.
Yes, I love fashion but I love people even more. Giving the gift of hope and inspiration is something that I truly feel convicted about and that's something that I'll be doing for my entire matter where I am.
There is so much I want to do in my life and in so little time.
1. Graduate from college
2. Globetrot
3. Have a successful career in the magazine industry
4. Own my own boutique by 30
5. Get married (also by 30)
6. Have children
7. Make a difference in the live of the world's teen girls, therefore save the world
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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Motherhood, Marriage, and the Racial Divide
(Warning: You Might Be Mad At My Findings and Futhermore My Conclusion)

I hate to harp on the same topics...but it's really getting rediculous.
I went to a majority white high school and I now go to a historically black college. My high school was conservative, my college is liberal. My high school was in a quiet suburb of Atlanta, my college is in the heart of hood in Washington, DC. I love my people and my heritage but I must say there is something that more white people seem to be doing right that blacks of all socioeconomic backgrounds are missing.
Having children out of wedlock.
This is getting really crazy. I truly believe it's a generational curse that we have not been able to break. Since this is such a touchy subject I'll use my own life as an example.
My mother...had her first child (my oldest brother) at 14 years old. Now that's extreme...of course she wasn't married. Then about 15 years later, she had me. Was she married? NO.
My oldest brother had his first son out of wedlock. Unfortunately the relationship didn't work out with the mother of his oldest son. He finally got married and has had two other children with his wife. His two younger children live in the ideal household, two loving parents, two car garage, and white picket fence. Just because of the circumstance his oldest son has never fully experienced this. Now his oldest son's mother has another baby by another man but failed to make it to down the aisle. It's important to know that eldest nephew's mother has Sickle Cell Anemia. So, there's a great chance that during one of her spells she could loose her life. If she my nephew supposed to be split with his new baby sister? be away from his father who loves and wants him to live with him? Do you see the problem this poses? Do you see how his mother had continued to instill this twisted order of how things are supposed to happen?
I have a cousin who is 23 named Shamira. Shamira is not in school...never was. She has 4 children; ages : 6, 4,3, and almost 1. I must give Shamira some credit because all of her children have the same father.
Though I know a young lady who is 22 also with 4 children but she had 3 different baby fathers. Come on that's a shame and scandal.
I also have multiple black friends and know multiple people who have gone off to college and gotten pregnant. All over the facebook I see pregnant pictures, baby showers, and deliveries.
On the other hand, my white associates have facebook albums of bridal showers, braidsmaids luncheons, weddings, and honeymoons. Anyone see anything wrong with this?
White women are having women are having babies. White girls are picking venues for their wedding reception, black girls are chasing child support checks. While white women are having bridal showers, black women are having baby showers. I'm not saying it's a white and black thing...but my findings are telling me that it just might be. We are repeating the mistakes of our parents.
I'm not saying that 20-22 are ideal ages to get married but I know for sure that those also are not ideal ages to have a child either, especially with a husband by your side to help guide your child's life in the way it should go. Babies are a blessing, but sometimes we're not mature nor ready to receive our blessing. It seems as if no one is really thinking of the children. Preparing for that "bundle of joy" is precious...the cute onsies, the adorable nursuries (if you can afford one), choosing the name (even though some could use just a bit more thought). Everyone loves babies...but babies grow up. They don't stay babies they turn into mischeivious toddlers, smart mouthed middle schoolers, rebellious teens.
I know a girl whose 20, her mother is 34, and her stepfather is 30. How is the man who you look to as a father figure going to be 10 years older than you? That's retarded!
I'm not saying all of these young mothers are bad mothers, for I believe they all really want the best for their offspring but really. I see pictures on facebook of 3 month old babies with Jordans on...does the mother have a degree? NO. A career (not a job, a career...there is a difference)? NO. Does the child have a savings account yet? I hope so....
What is it that our generation doesn't get? What is it that these white kids get? Most of the black people I know are well educated, went to excellent schools, live in prominent neighborhoods (so they're not ghetto by anymeans). They are equal socioeconomically to the white kids I know. Alot of us all went to the same private Christian school. Why do white men marry and black men run? We as young black adults have to make a change and stop the madness. We really need to think about what we are doing to our kids. My bestfriend's boyfriend said one day, "Yea, I want to have some kids and then get married." WTF?! Who says that? You'd be suprised but alot of men. A guy I used to date said to me, "Yea, I mean I want to get married about 30 but I'll probably have kids around 27, 28." NOOOOO, THAT'S NOT HOW ITS SUPPOSED TO GO!
It's just like Common says in his song Retrospect for Life, "too many black women can say that they mothers but can't say that they wives."
This is a serious matter, however I have been able to find some humor andwould like to share it with you:
1. Your baby's picture is on facebook
2. You have a facebook account but aren't in school anymore because you got pregnant
3. You bring your child to school and have them "kickin it" in hotspots around campus such as The Cafe, The Punchout, you got the baby stroller going across The Yard (my HU people know what I'm talking about)
4. Your friends can't come to your baby shower because they're all away at school
5. You use your refund check to buy diapers
6. You have to check your child into your dorm ("is this what we consider extended visitation?")
7. Your baby is in your wedding photos, or even apart of the wedding party (my parent's are guilty of this atroscity)
8. You take your child to Perfect Shots (or any other mall photographer) for pictures
(there is no reason your baby should child should have champaign flutes in the background of their photo!)
9. Your 6 year old can't read
10. A family takes care of your child(ren) because you can't afford day care

Okay...these are just some things to think about. Like I said before all children are blessings and it's great for people to handle their responsibilities. Let's start using self-control in addition to birth control.

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Editor's Note: All pictures were on Facebook, therefore public property..I blurred out the identities of those who may not be displayed in the most positive light. But then again, all this is the reality of what I see.

Sunday, June 11, 2006

My Theory On Why Fighting in the Club Increases Your Star Power
(and other randyme happenings and conversations while on aim)

It's never happened before
and I wouldn't mind if it never happened again.
I caused a fight in the club.
Technically I threw the first punch...but I sure as hell didn't throw the last one. My main man's best friend did.
Now before you judge, and write me off as hood or ghettoesque- listen to what happened.
We were out at the club looking fly, drinking from the bar, and generally having a GREAT time. I believe Wale's new song, "Dig Dug", was playing. If you're not familiar with's basically a guy rapping over go-go. It's hot! Anyway I was facing my main man dancing and enjoying the presence of the people I was with when all of a sudden a guy walks up behind me and GRABS MY ASS!
I went straight "ATL." I turned around and slapped him a la Alicia from The Wood and then punched him. "You do not know me" I exclaimed, "Keep your F_cking hands off!"
I guess the punch didnt hurt much because he then proceeded to come in my face and say "it wasn't all that."
So I guess at this point my main and his friend realized there was an issue and all I remember is my main pushing him back and his friend Eric throwing the first bow which immediately knocked the wack ass wannabe suitor to the floor. Before I knew it, the side section of the club had turned into an amateur episode WWF. Bodies were being picked up, punches were swung...and I guess I had caused it all. I thought my miniature one-two knockout had been enough to keep him moving along...but I guess the men in my party had other plans.
The funny thing is...we were the dopest people at the club that night. We were the VIP without even needing a room. Were we on stage poppin' bottles of Moe? Nope...Did we sit in lounge chairs all night and make kissy faces at each other? Hell Nope. (lol) Anywhere we stepped became the VIP area, we were seriously turning heads. Which leads me to believe that we were destined to fight that night. Almost every celebrity that really knows how to party hard has had a fight in the club. Just think...Sean "P.Diddy" Combs, Paris Hilton (that bitch throws down), Camron (along with a host of other rappers), HBO's Series The Entourage star, Jeremy Piven just had a fight (which was probably induced by his PR people who knew that fighting in the club would make him a more noteworthy up and coming celeb), and the not so teen queen, Lindsay Lohan! See...everyone's doing it! Which thereinfore (not sure if this is truly a word but it sounds so scholastic) means we must be about to BLOW UP big time. So as opposed to feeling bad about causing a rauwkus in the club...I'm going to take the experience as one of the first steps to making it big.

And in other news....Randymethougths on the relationship students at HU have with Meridian Hill and seeking inspirational messages and struggling with my blog plus more:
shine0485 (12:12:17 AM): no work on mondays...this is staying up late to me
shine0485 (12:12:18 AM): lol
RanDYMEthoughts (12:12:23 AM): hahahhaa
shine0485 (12:12:23 AM): i'm so ashamed
RanDYMEthoughts (12:12:33 AM): esp. compared to your old meridian days
RanDYMEthoughts (12:12:35 AM): i can see now
RanDYMEthoughts (12:12:40 AM): i'm goin to miss meridian
shine0485 (12:12:47 AM): hell yea....i am too
shine0485 (12:12:53 AM): but i couldn't do that mess with that again tho

RanDYMEthoughts (12:13:20 AM): i think you have to enjoy it while its there
RanDYMEthoughts (12:13:22 AM): and move on
shine0485 (12:14:17 AM): yep. it's a one time thing. it's like a one night stand or somethin
shine0485 (12:14:29 AM): can't make it a relationship
RanDYMEthoughts (12:14:35 AM): though some do
RanDYMEthoughts (12:14:42 AM): but you can't turn a hoe into a housewife
shine0485 (12:14:54 AM): hahaha....some guys try...
RanDYMEthoughts (12:15:06 AM): yes they do
RanDYMEthoughts (12:15:20 AM): but it's never quite the same the second time around...i'm certain
....time passes.....
RanDYMEthoughts (12:21:57 AM): so...
RanDYMEthoughts (12:22:00 AM): inspire me
shine0485 (12:23:32 AM): i can't handle the pressure!!!
shine0485 (12:23:39 AM): umm...
shine0485 (12:23:46 AM): so i've been thinking...
RanDYMEthoughts (12:24:22 AM): that's always a start

shine0485 (12:26:00 AM): that the whole idea about situations or people only having the amount of importance that you give it is completely true
shine0485 (12:26:36 AM): or...them* i should say
RanDYMEthoughts (12:27:13 AM): i think so too
RanDYMEthoughts (12:27:14 AM): explain
shine0485 (12:29:49 AM): well after going through situations with guys, friends, family and just random shit i've found that i have had to repeat a saying over and over to myself.."mind over matter. if you don't mind it don;t matter"
shine0485 (12:29:50 AM): yep.
RanDYMEthoughts (12:30:09 AM): damn
RanDYMEthoughts (12:30:11 AM): that's hot
RanDYMEthoughts (12:30:17 AM): FACEBOOK!
shine0485 (12:30:44 AM): and that shit alleviates a lot of stress. and it makes u feel dumb about caring som much about little things that REALLY DONT MATTER
shine0485 (12:31:08 AM): i dont know where i got that saying from...but i know i didnt make it up myself
RanDYMEthoughts (12:32:24 AM): well i'll attribute it to you for now
RanDYMEthoughts (12:32:42 AM): -Ayanna by way of some wiser source
...time passes some more...
RanDYMEthoughts (12:33:52 AM): i've started w/ telling my story
RanDYMEthoughts (12:33:59 AM): but i kinda like telling the current event
RanDYMEthoughts (12:34:04 AM): and then applying it to me
RanDYMEthoughts (12:34:13 AM): but i'm not sure what to do w/ this one
shine0485 (12:35:11 AM): u've got me wanting to start a blog. not sure if i could commit tho. you make it seem very interesting tho
RanDYMEthoughts (12:36:40 AM): oh the concept of writing it
RanDYMEthoughts (12:36:43 AM): or reading ti
RanDYMEthoughts (12:36:44 AM): it*
shine0485 (12:36:51 AM): both
RanDYMEthoughts (12:37:34 AM): oh
RanDYMEthoughts (12:37:42 AM): writing it is fun and theraputic
RanDYMEthoughts (12:37:54 AM): but you always wonder if you have readers
RanDYMEthoughts (12:37:59 AM): because no one comments
RanDYMEthoughts (12:38:07 AM): its just kinda like having a movie out
RanDYMEthoughts (12:38:16 AM): and ppl coming to see it
RanDYMEthoughts (12:38:25 AM): but no one is buying a ticket
RanDYMEthoughts (12:38:29 AM): so you dont think anyone's there
RanDYMEthoughts (12:38:34 AM): but really everyone loves it
RanDYMEthoughts (12:38:38 AM): but you never know
RanDYMEthoughts (12:38:42 AM): because no one ever said it

shine0485 (12:38:45 AM): hahaha
shine0485 (12:38:52 AM): this is very very true
shine0485 (12:38:54 AM): well put

I thought this was the end of the entry. But I had yet another randyme occurance while on aim

RanDYMEthoughts (1:32:36 AM): OMG
RanDYMEthoughts (1:32:47 AM): i just had a"my roomate commited suicide "scare
shine0485 (1:36:56 AM): omg what happened?
RanDYMEthoughts (1:37:46 AM): she's drunk as shit
RanDYMEthoughts (1:37:55 AM): and someone was tapping at the door
RanDYMEthoughts (1:38:02 AM): she had closed herself in the bathroom
RanDYMEthoughts (1:38:06 AM): threw up in the sink
RanDYMEthoughts (1:38:14 AM): and was passed out on the floor
shine0485 (1:38:20 AM): omg!
shine0485 (1:38:33 AM): who IS this girl??
RanDYMEthoughts (1:38:38 AM): i thought the throw up was blood
RanDYMEthoughts (1:38:50 AM): i was like FUCK THIS BITCH DONE KILLED HERSELF

CKBear411 (1:39:44 AM): oh my gosh
CKBear411 (1:40:00 AM): that is horrible
CKBear411 (1:40:01 AM): is she ok
CKBear411 (1:40:06 AM): did she go to the hospital
RanDYMEthoughts (1:40:10 AM): well, she's not dead
CKBear411 (1:40:14 AM): thats good
RanDYMEthoughts (1:40:19 AM): she's str8 just EXTREMELY drunk
CKBear411 (1:41:38 AM): oh gosh
CKBear411 (1:43:47 AM): were u the first to find her like htat
RanDYMEthoughts (1:44:14 AM): it was me and another girl
RanDYMEthoughts (1:44:17 AM): her friend
CKBear411 (1:44:38 AM): thats really not good
RanDYMEthoughts (1:46:21 AM): i was scared
RanDYMEthoughts (1:46:28 AM): and she threw up in the sink
CKBear411 (1:46:31 AM): that is scary
CKBear411 (1:46:33 AM): ewwww
RanDYMEthoughts (1:46:36 AM): im thinking she had curried chicken and shrimp
CKBear411 (1:47:31 AM): ewww
CKBear411 (1:47:34 AM): that is grosss!

CKBear411 (1:47:44 AM): who is going to clean that up
RanDYMEthoughts (1:48:19 AM): Maintenence
CKBear411 (1:48:30 AM): oh ok
CKBear411 (1:48:37 AM): that is really disgusting

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(in case you dont' get the pic of the guy in the audience..he's the bama i feel like I'm talking to, so if you read and appreciate my writing - drop me a line sometime)

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Randymethoughts on The ALMA Awards and Poorly Matched Roomates

So, I finally got rid of the predator (or so I believe) by simply blocking that ass on AIM. I don't know why I didn't think of that before.

Okay, on to The American Latino Media Arts Awards (ALMA) put on by The National Council of La Raza on ABC yesterday evening. The NCLR ALMA Awards honors outstanding Latino artistic achievement in television, film, and music and the enhancement of the Latino image in the entertainment industry.
First did anyone else watch the awards? They were pretty good and filled with lots of Latino Star Power.
It was very interesting how Jessica Simpson felt the need to go 5 shades darker just to "blend better" with the "hispanohablantes." Ms. Goldilocks looked more like a strawberry red head last night. I'm happy it went unnoticed to at least one person since ALMA Award Winner, Julia Reyes commented on the singer's orange palmming.
I also noticed that during the time block of the awards there were commericials totalamente en espanol. I felt as though I was watching Telemundo! Though I'm happy, they didn't go the stereotypical Mexican based, novelas, Sabado Gigante...Telemundo route. We need to see more hispanics on mainstream media. And you know how I feel about middle America. They need to be exposed to more than just white washed Wonder Bread award shows. The ALMA Awards is dedicated to celebrating the accomplishments of Latinos in media and did just that. I was also happy to see more hispanics on the commericals...I just wish they would do that more.
Why not show the diversity that America is today everyday? Shoot, all Blacks are getting on a regular basis on those darn Koolaide commercial which futher feeds into the Koolaide and cornbread stereotype that we already have. All they need is to be eating some watermelon and chicken and it'll be modern day coonery all over again.
By the way, where the Asians at? When are their award shoes to celebrate ANY of their accomplishments in America? If I was Asian, I'd be pissed. They are such a diverse people just like hispanics and like blacks as well, yet still have little to no media representation. Besides a few kung fu movies disguised by new names like Mulan (who is indeed fictional) they haven't been represented as more than today's version of ninja's (Jackie Chan), nerdy smart kids (that guy off of Sixteen Candles), or artsy prostitutes (Memoirs of a Geisha..which I loved by the way). It's just like when blacks were only given mamie roles or parts as servants. The same thing, different time, different people. Same shit, different toilet.

Okay, so room 812W is not working for me. She eats pork and loooooooves month old freezer burned finds ...anyone who knows me knows I depise the swine , I think it contaminates your body and my food (which why i have none in there), and I not so secretly threw most of the food in the freezer as I thought there might be maggots beginning to form. She plays a rowdy game of spoons or taboo with half of the known world at 2 am and the next wall over I'm having an intimate conversation with one friend, on the phone with my boo, or writing in my diary or my blog. She keeps her toothbrush and shower sponge for what looks like 3, well i keep mine for 3 months (I hear it's doctor recommended). All I can say is, I can't wait for Claire to come back to DC and save me.

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Sunday, June 04, 2006

About Online Sexual Predators

These pervs have been on every news or talk stations...ABC 7, Oprah, Dateline...They're hitting it big time. From live arrest where Diane Sawyer knocks down the door to find the freaks jacking off at their computer desks to mailmen who are supposed sexual predators gone good, sexual predators have definitely had their 15 minutes of fame. I think the phenomenon has gone too far.
I have an online predator. No, seriously...and it's getting out of hand. I don't really even know why they're targeting me. Aren't I about 7 years too old to be sexually preyed on? I'm a grown ass woman- why is would someone chose me to IM and say crude things too. I'd like to believe my AIM screename is private...only friends can view it on's not on MySpace.
I know its someone I know...he claims he goes to Howard with me and says his name is Mark. Clearly those thing are probably not true. Even if he does go to Howard I know his name isn't Mark, not his first name anyway. I'm almost positive the screen name he's been using is an alternate. It's completely too vulgur for it to be his main name.
I'm thoroughly disgusted and annoyed. It's funny, I'm not even afriad- just very disturbed and grossed out that someone would think to say some of the things he's decided to say to me.
I don't even dress provactively...I don't have any sort of reputation...and I don't talk about sexual matters with just anyone. Why me?
Where does this guy get off? (no pun intended)

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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

My Thoughts As of Late on ...Babies, Loving my Mama, the White, and Black, Trash that Middle America Has Become and other "Randyme Thoughts"

Someone please tell pregnancy in the water? I'm just about afraid to drink the water, scared some sperm might slide down my throat and somehow fertilize the eggs in my ovaries.
Thank God that's biologically impossible -but I tell you, the way the people around me have been making babies..well, it's enough for anyone to pause for the cause. While I have the upmost respect for my friends who have conceived and chosen to handle their responsibilities like the women they are and God has called them to be, I believe all sexually active peoples need to consider contraceptive methods. Birth control these days couldn't get any easier...the patch, the pill, the shot, I heard about some birth control Kool-aide the other day (not really, but you see where I'm going). HELLOOOOO...where are my responsible people at? Can anyone say "CONDOM IN THE HOUSE!"???Sure, there could be a lot of factors as to why someone gets pregnant but it is ultimately the fault of the participating parties.
I love kids. In high school I was a star baby-sitter and I know some day I'll have 2.5 children of my own. But for now, the best thing I can do for my baby(ies) is getting my degree and acquiring some wealth before they get here so that they can have all that I was so fortunate to have and more. Guys, we are selling our children short by having them so early! True, 20..21..22 is no little girl but it isn't an established woman either. Okay...enough of my lecture on college kids and babies.
Lately, I've been really loving my mama. Though I was much more dependent on her as a child, now that I've grown up a little I cherish her so much more. Don't nobody (bad english and all) got my back like my mama do! She's my perfect match, made just for me (well, me and my two brothers) and I love her so much!
Deaquanisha, Shamonique, Lashaunika...just a few of the names that I witnessed while watching what seemed to be endless hours of talk shows where women were on a constant search for their baby's daddy, judge shows where the gift versus loan is forever plauging some silly girl, and melodramatic soap operas for people who have no lives of their own (don't nobody die and come back to life!). Is this the type of programming middle America really wants to see? Apparently, and unfortunately, I believe the answer is "yes." Americans really are trashy...or at least they like trashy t.v. ...Seeing Lil' Quan-quan and Carlos fighting over who the big secret ("you know I love you, ..right?") and over Bill and Jo's trailor home being seized by their landlord is what America seems to have on high demand. People want to be able to see those who are worse off, laugh and scoff, judge other's misfortunes inorder to escape their own personal hells.
About other are sorta' like shoes...basically the same you just have to find the quality, style, and fit right for you. Tyra is all about Tyra in the very end and that new Top Model "sholl' is kuntray". Oprah is freaking amazing and that Legend's Ball was spectacualar but where was Beyonce'? If assed out Ashanti and brokedown Brandy (whose now endorsing a line of hair weaves) were invited how come Bouncy couldn't make it? When Oprah should go running...I don't care what you're doing. Juelz Santana is super cute and honestly...I'm not crazy about about either of America's idols...Are all the new songs sounding a whole lot like the old ones? ...Cobalt Blue is the new Hot Pink...and the music playing in my head is really good.

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