Tuesday, September 06, 2005

i gotta check myself sometimes...gotta tell myself "ICE COLD" a la Andre 3000, "Be Cool" I say. Be natural. Be my funny, silly self. Its easier said than done...I don't understand why its such a challenge to be myself around someone that I've made myself most vulnerable to. what is it that makes me so insecure? (after all i am the one that makes his toes curl) "where are u?", "when are u coming home?", "who is she?", "where have u been?", "where are u going?'' DAMN! ease up..."ICE COLD: Be Cool" I guess things happen like that sometimes, when u have something good you just want to hold on so tight so that it doesnt go any where... not realizing that you're really killing it by holding on so tight. It's like that of catching a butterfly...sure u can bottle it up...but soon after it will die...its' the same with a relationship *of any kind*...if youre constantly questioning, checking, letting your insecurities get the best of you, the thing you care for most will be gone...because u suffocated it...didnt let that shit breathe

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