Sunday, September 11, 2005

enough of this sad shit...
tonight, all things considered, was a wonderful night. I thank God for my girls and their ability to help me keep everything in perspective. I am a lucky person to have so many great friends. Tonight was all about me and my girls...looking good, smelling good, and feeling good...i cried all the tears I intend to cry. How funny it is that friends can help to turn your tears into smiles and smiles into laughter. I just want to be happy and I WILL be *because as that addyct might say i'm desperate to get what I want* Its time to get up, brush my shoulders off, put my head up and chest out and get back to doing what i do best...ME! I guess I should still be in the ben & jerry's, sappy dvd mode, but I'm not and I sure as hell wasnt tonight. I didnt do anything stupid like drink away my pain but an apple martini never hurt a soul, neither did VIP. I really don't know how I ended up there either...some man just kind of tapped us and escorted us to the top of the club. Only thing that would have made this night better is some pretty ass nupes...I dont know where they were but they weren't in the club I thought they'd be at..but its whatever. Fuck niggas...and not in a Feminist Male Bashing kind of way either...its more so about being happy about me and how great I am. The first step to recovery of any kind of addyction is to admit you have a problem..that being said I'm well on my way to being okay. I'm still kinda' bruised but I expect a full "I dont love deez' HOEZ" recovery in no time. Shoooooot...I need to take my joyful behind to bed...dont let this black Xs on my hand fool ya' - I'm definitely going to church in the morning *i know where my help comes from...and its definitely not these men that surround me!* (though i have AWESOME brothers and male friends that are truly ride or die...thanks!)

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