Friday, July 27, 2007

"Clouds and Whipped Cream"...
sometimes that's all it really is.

When I was a kid I thought that clouds were something you could hold. Something like cotton that levated up in the sky. Then I took my first plane ride and realized that it was merely a "visible mass of condensed droplets, frozen crystals suspended in the atmosphere above the surface of the earth." We flew through them as if they had no weight, they were nothing. Much of the same thing is whipped cream. When atop a dessert one can certainly be lead to believe that that whipped cream is in fact vanilla ice cream. I hate whipped cream for that very reason. Anytime I'm eating my favorite brownie a la mode at The Diner I must say "hold the whipped cream" because I hate being mislead. I hate believing that the whipped cream is something that its not. It looks too similar to the ice cream.

Do you smell what I'm stepping in? Do you see where I am going?
Not yet?
Fair Enough...

In life so many things are not what they seem. Looking at something (may it be a person, experience, thing) you may think it has so much depth, or its so extraordinary- when the fact of the matter is that its not. And then you have to live with that deceit. Its like coming down on the whipped cream on a spoon or flying through a cloud and realizing that there's nothing truly there. Or better yet what is there isn't worth the hype.

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jameil1922 said...

BUT let me be the first to say i love clouds and whipped cream inspite of your comparison to flaky folk.

DiamondsR4eva said...

I remember when I was little and I thought the clouds and sky would look different once you went to another I'm so ashamed to type that!

Anonymous said...

Never really Liked whipped cream. And it was because, like you said, nothing. It was weird when you ate it. Lol, anywho...this post was right on time. And this is why I love waiting a while before I read your blog....I have more to catch up on."On a scale of 1 to awesome, you're the sh!t."