Wednesday, May 24, 2006

My Thoughts As of Late on ...Babies, Loving my Mama, the White, and Black, Trash that Middle America Has Become and other "Randyme Thoughts"

Someone please tell pregnancy in the water? I'm just about afraid to drink the water, scared some sperm might slide down my throat and somehow fertilize the eggs in my ovaries.
Thank God that's biologically impossible -but I tell you, the way the people around me have been making babies..well, it's enough for anyone to pause for the cause. While I have the upmost respect for my friends who have conceived and chosen to handle their responsibilities like the women they are and God has called them to be, I believe all sexually active peoples need to consider contraceptive methods. Birth control these days couldn't get any easier...the patch, the pill, the shot, I heard about some birth control Kool-aide the other day (not really, but you see where I'm going). HELLOOOOO...where are my responsible people at? Can anyone say "CONDOM IN THE HOUSE!"???Sure, there could be a lot of factors as to why someone gets pregnant but it is ultimately the fault of the participating parties.
I love kids. In high school I was a star baby-sitter and I know some day I'll have 2.5 children of my own. But for now, the best thing I can do for my baby(ies) is getting my degree and acquiring some wealth before they get here so that they can have all that I was so fortunate to have and more. Guys, we are selling our children short by having them so early! True, 20..21..22 is no little girl but it isn't an established woman either. Okay...enough of my lecture on college kids and babies.
Lately, I've been really loving my mama. Though I was much more dependent on her as a child, now that I've grown up a little I cherish her so much more. Don't nobody (bad english and all) got my back like my mama do! She's my perfect match, made just for me (well, me and my two brothers) and I love her so much!
Deaquanisha, Shamonique, Lashaunika...just a few of the names that I witnessed while watching what seemed to be endless hours of talk shows where women were on a constant search for their baby's daddy, judge shows where the gift versus loan is forever plauging some silly girl, and melodramatic soap operas for people who have no lives of their own (don't nobody die and come back to life!). Is this the type of programming middle America really wants to see? Apparently, and unfortunately, I believe the answer is "yes." Americans really are trashy...or at least they like trashy t.v. ...Seeing Lil' Quan-quan and Carlos fighting over who the big secret ("you know I love you, ..right?") and over Bill and Jo's trailor home being seized by their landlord is what America seems to have on high demand. People want to be able to see those who are worse off, laugh and scoff, judge other's misfortunes inorder to escape their own personal hells.
About other are sorta' like shoes...basically the same you just have to find the quality, style, and fit right for you. Tyra is all about Tyra in the very end and that new Top Model "sholl' is kuntray". Oprah is freaking amazing and that Legend's Ball was spectacualar but where was Beyonce'? If assed out Ashanti and brokedown Brandy (whose now endorsing a line of hair weaves) were invited how come Bouncy couldn't make it? When Oprah should go running...I don't care what you're doing. Juelz Santana is super cute and honestly...I'm not crazy about about either of America's idols...Are all the new songs sounding a whole lot like the old ones? ...Cobalt Blue is the new Hot Pink...and the music playing in my head is really good.

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Michael said...

Bouncy was on tour with her version of the Supremes. Hey there, lady.

Anonymous said...

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LuvKisselle said...

Yaz...I must say that I do have a friend named Shamonique (I thought she was the only one!). AND...although I am a Beyonce Stan, I was thoroughly disappointed and still AM at her tackiness for not showing up. Well, I mean DC3 Fulfilled Tour was great but still...something should have been done. She sure doesn't have a problem taking a break to hop in and out of Miami wit Jigga. I forgive her tho. There was something else funny up there that I forgot to comment on but those were the major two things... ;-)

Anonymous said...

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