Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Panties On A Pedestal

Do women put their panties (for lack of a more graphic word) on a pedestal? Or do men get the panties so freely that they no longer see it as a big deal? At this point in my life I've chosen to be celibate and when I was discussing this with one of my male friends - he warned me that I may be celibate for a while since most guys at our age (22-24) aren't looking to settle down. He is in the school of thought that since we are out of school and no one is there to keep tabs on your bed log that you should just f*ck as you feel. While, I see his point of view however I believe you're a hoe not because of what you do but you're a hoe because of how you feel. For me, giving myself easily makes me feel less about myself and the older I get the less I'm into casual relations. Of course he thinks the opposite, he says by the time we're 25 and/or married our body count will be so high and no one is going to be keeping their chastity in check that girls might as well do what they feel without regard. He's against women holding their panties hostage in exchange for fine dining, expensive dates, and commitments that most men our age aren't ready to make. I feel him 100% - I don't think people should put a price on their panties but I also don't think it should be shared so freely. I'm really curious to know how others way in on this issue... Is is necessary/right/wrong for a woman to put her panties on a pedestal?  


bobbyandwhitney said...

I say keep your standards and get those dates and shit! Don't let ur friend try to bullshit you. The only time it doesn't count is vacay. Then u can fuck who u please and how many people you want ;)!

Anonymous said...

well, i think everyone should have standards
but things should be attainable
like, I definitely think there should be work involved (as far as getting the panties) but...why put it so high where no one can reach it
someone is gonna stand on a step stool and get it anyway seduction is a game of cat and mouse
expecting the unexpected that kind of work im a winer and a diner lol i have no problems with that but I dont want to feel like i bought the panties the idea, even if you are after material possessions, is to never give the appearance that you are breaking bread within reason like i shouldnt have to take you out to dinner, just to get the panties or i shouldnt have to buy you something, just to get them if it happens in the process, then fine

Miss Yasmine said...

yea, I'm definitely not giving it up all easy and I do suspect he's just trying to get things set up for when its his time to shine!

sonadorasavant said...


JPhilVoids said...

They are your panties, take them off when u feel like it. But DO NOT call me at 11:13pm on a weekday asking me to come pick u up to "chill". Then look at me sideways or have the audacity to resist when I make a move, knowing that I have to be up before the sun, thats weak...done venting

Anonymous said...

I believe that women should "hold their panties on a pedestal." However, I also think that a woman's promiscuity should not limit her to the 'free ride' way of living. At this time, we are post-pubescent and viral enough to explore our sexuality with the essence of our youth; and I think that should be acknowledged as well. We are the ones who take our panties off, the standards to which they are removed is up to each individual. Wine me, dine me, buy me presents... that still doesn't guarantee entry. A nice trip to a special place and hours of chemistry-induced conversation may just get the panties-- if worked out properly. I could go off on this subject because I have a lot of different thoughts about the topic. Overall, You can keep your panties on and live months on end without a man-powered orgasm. Will this guarantee you happiness with the greatest man just because of your prudence? Not necessarily. Never lower your standards, but dont limit yourself to a sex-less youth while waiting for that man to come. Celibacy is honorable, Human sexuality is inevitable.
Sheree (deuce deuce baby!)

kold_kadavr_ flatliner said...

'the more you shall honor Me,
the more I shall bless you'
-the Infant Jesus of Prague