Sunday, March 15, 2009

Build-A-Man Workshop

This idea to "Build-A-Man" came from one of my craziest linesisters and I decided to share my post with you all! 

OK, here goes:
1. (Step one: Choose a bear): I want one with a nice honey/caramel complexion....i want mine to have the nicest grain of hair- that's how I like em' hairy and silky!!!!!

2. (Step 2: Pick out a heart): My bear would have a huge heart of gold and it'd be tatted with my name (first and middle -Yasmine Harema- just in case there are some other Yasmines out there!) So he'd be mine all mine :)

3. (Step 3: Stuff you bear) Even though my past few bears have been on the slimmer side- I like a lil' bit of man meat! I want him to be like size M/L with a bit of a man pouch. Not quite a "gut" but I don't need a six pack! (Marly knows how I like em'!) My man needs to be about 5'8''-6ft no taller! I don't like climbing trees - unless his name is _______ then it's all good.

4. (Step 3.5: Make a wish/ seal the bear): I'd wish for a man who is open, loving, committed, and independent.

5. (Step 5: Bath the bear): My man HAS to be fresh! I want the tatts, fresh line up whether he has curls or a fade. Throw in a lot of facial hair- I like the beard, mustache - all that grown man- just don't let the beard get long and stuff- I don't need the muslim/philly type thing goin on. Also, he would wear "drop your panties" cologne at all times!

6. (Step 6: Cloth you Bear): I don't need anymore fashion kings but he's definitely got to have "swag" (for lack of a better word) and his own style! I love em' with the fitteds, flannel shirts, and crisp denims (no nut crunchers and no thug jeans either) - He's also gotta' have the cardigans and button downs on deck when its time to get a bit more spiffy! I also love a man who owns a tux - he pretty much needs to have attire for all occasions.

7. (Step:7 Accessories) Oh and accessories are a must! I want my to own a series of watches from cool to collectibles. I also need the shades on deck- aviators are my favorite! He's GOT TO BE riding clean. I know we're young (I like em 27 and below!) so he doesn't necessarily have to have his BMW or Benz yet- I love a guy in a charger! lol. hood I know- but it's such a masculine car. My boo also makes money! While he's still on his grind to the top - he doesn't know how "broke feels" - he's a hustler in every sense of the word! My man is probably in the music or entertainment industry, he's creative and has an eye for what pops! He's doesn't spend friviously and he knows all about quality vs. quantity. He's educated, ambitious, and knows what he wants out of his life! He has a good relationship with his family and has a set of sound friends that encourage him to stay positive. I would love it if my man would volunteer with kids in his spare time - think football or baseball coach!

8. (Step 8: Name your Bear): For whatever reason I have an affinity for Brandons and "B" names in general (Brandon, Bilal, Bryson, etc)! So that'd probably be his name but I love a nice strong arbic name! Hasani, Khalid, Nasir! Love it. It sounds so good with Yasmine (Listen to it- Yasmine and Khalid- sounds and looks great together!)

9. (Step 9: Check out): Me and my man drive off in the sunset in his tinted windows with the chrome rims Charger - meet my fam, go to dinner, and maybe some industry party!


bobbyandwhitney said...

I really hope technology hurry up and allow this to happen before we die! I need to build me a man real quick!

Anonymous said...

your list was shallow Yasmine!! lol!!! for some reason i would have thought u would have built him way different..

Miss Yasmine said...

LMAO! Girl, I don't know what you heard but I definitely like men a certain packaging! LOL, what did you think would be so different? It's hard to say or create the traits you would want I attempted to though - " I'd wish for a man who is open, loving, committed, and independent. " that says it all i think! lol I'd be interested in hearing what your Build-A-Man would be like