Thursday, January 08, 2009


You know readers, I've really had a serious case of the blues lately. I just feel like I'm kind of in a valley of my life. I'm really not where I want to be, still haven't had my "big break", and everything around me is uninspiring.  While I have vowed  to have a renewed attitude in the new year it's been tough to keep my spirits up as I still have not heard back from a position with an amazing company that I interviewed with before Christmas. Times are hard, simply put. 
As much as I try and listen and care for my friends I don't always feel like I have the same ear to listen to me. I constantly get phone calls about love lost, drama with friends, family problems- whatever you can think of I've heard. However when it's time for the table to turn I find myself up awake at night calling my mother at work. When I'm ready to actually talk people are busy, have to call me back, having a moment, or just can't handle the weight I feel and therefore aren't a suitable conversation mates. Have you ever really just wanted someone you could talk to? With fists full of friends I still feel like there's no where to turn. 


Anonymous said...

As one of your long-term friends (probably the longest-1988) and a faithful blog reader, please know that I am always available to listen whenever you need an ear! I truely mean this and hope that you will take it to heart. I may not give the best advice or come off as the most comforting but I vow to try my best and I can do a great job of just listening when you need it.

Love Always!

la negrita said...

Yep, feel like this a lot. I'm a good listener and once people figure it out, they just keep going. I fell out with the person who was my shoulder. So what did I do? Got a therapist. They HAVE to listen to you even when they don't want to. ;-) Great investment. Seriously.

wrylee said...

id like to say more to encourage you but the words are amiss. so I'll say, with as much sincerity, that I hope your ascent is fulfilling:$

Anonymous said...

I totally feel the same way after graduating from HU in '05 I kind of lost my mojo, I was stuck in park... read my journey

Anonymous said...

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