Wednesday, February 06, 2008

I Love When It Rains Outside

                                       that that bit is done.So the beat doesn't stop and neither does time.
Nope. Not for anyone- not even me. 
So, I've been breaking my strike; there's no real way I can. Tonight I went to this concert/recital here on campus called Love Story [if you go to HU, I'm sure you heard about it]...either way, I really did not what it was or why it was $12 but I went anyway because I wanted to support my friends. It's always so interesting when you see someone that you were once involved with and you all see each other again. What's even more interesting is when you are in a romantic environment but neither is with anyone or care to be. Unless it was with each other. 
Have you ever just wanted to break the silence and say, "hey, I'm still here and I still care" but pride mixed with fear stopped you.  That's a big be vulnerable, to be real.  I feel like I've already been the bigger person by calling him and leaving a message, "hey its yasmine, I'm just calling to clear somethings up." and that was over a week ago. I wont go up and speak to him if he's speaking to everyone around me but me.  I tell myself that things will work themselves out...hopefully the way I want them to. 
Although I feel like it will- I still see the want in his eyes.
On a lighter note, please check out my new blog column, Haute Sh!t, on the ever humorous Lenzism.

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Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

yep u are still here, it was 50 and sunny in the atl today, and i call that cold. nice blog see if u can chk me out one day

bobbyandwhitney said...

ugh yaz i feel u fa sho!