Monday, October 23, 2006

just when you think things are returning to normalcy (is that a word?) things seemingly become even more crazy. I thought life was going to return to the everyday once Homecoming was over ...I couldn't be more wrong! My life is such a pyscho-melodramatic soap opera these days filled with random happenings and things you only see in Spike Lee movies. And for once I think I may have more on my plate than I can truly handle...I know that's very dangerous to admit on the internet but between being the Vice-President of University Fashion Council and HU Association of Black Journalist plus mentoring with LADIES, Girl Scouts and working at the boutique ON TOP OF being a student and pursuing other ventures it's beginning to be alot and now that the fashion show is over there is no excuse. So, I think the answer is to quit the much as I LOVE my hair discount I just can't be the employee I pride myself on being with all these other things on my plate. I just don't want to do an injustice to any of my organizations by not being the leader I wanted to be. It's sooo crazy how I have these positions because I truly never ran for any of them they were given to me. And because of that I know God has entrusted me with these responsibilities that I need to do better at fulfilling.
I have to admit that I'm quite a perfectionist but not in the traditional sense of the word. It's more like I try to be perfect and become quite hurt when it comes out that I'm not. It's weird I know. Clearly, I understand that I am not perfect and that perfection is unattainable but when I come face to face with that fact it truly hurts me to the point of tears. Frankly, I don't get can I know that something is unattainable yet hold myself to the standard and be hurt when I don't meet the mark?
I guess I'm just trying to reach my "peak"...

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