Tuesday, December 20, 2005


Have you ever come to the realization that you did everything humanly possible WRONG?
When you were supposed to go left, you went right. You should have gone up... for some reason, you went down. Free spirited, non-restrictive, not calculating, I was jealous, possesive, and fault finding! I have come to the realization that with this one Sagittarius, whom I once adored so much, that I, perfection-seeking Yasmine, was that incredulous "fuck up".
Astrologically...I'm on the cusp of Leo and Virgo. While I've never really read too deep into zodiac signs, for mostly religious reasons, I notice lots of things that make you go 'hmmm' about astrology and the way the planets align themselves around a certain time of year that make people born the 23ard of one month to the 22 of the next a particular way.
I have really noticed that I will research the heck out of something if I'm into it. When I chose Howard, I knew all the stats, noteable alumi, and even about the area. It has been no different with astrology, I take that back it's been no different with learning about Leos, Virgos and Sagittariuses.
Alot of the sites I Googled had compatibility analysis, i.e. "This sign is best with this other sign etc." I found out that half of me (my Virgo half) is completely incompatible with the person who I wanted to be my better half, the father of my off spring, the love of my life. He's a Sag who needs his space and I'm half Virgo, a tidy freedom phobe. Needless to say, the question soon arose, "how true are these things anyway?"
While I indoubtedly saw painstaking resembelences in myself in the myriads of summaries about Leos and Virgos I just couldn't accept the fact that HE may not be the HIM whose last name I eventually take. (Not to mention Sagittariuses have extreme fear of the 'C' word [commitment] and that he's a Sag down to a fault*he's even got it tatooed* on his arm I believe). As I discussed this finding with my no nonsense roomate, I explained it was the Leo in me that attracted him and the Virgo that drove us apart and the Leo that makes him linger. I think I see why astrology is supposedly a 'bad' thing in religous circles... overly obsessive women like me nitpick (a Virginan trait) and take these astrological coincedences for Gospel!
Looking at the disturbing news made me wonder, "can we surpass our astrological fates?" If horoscopes.com says that a person born October 13 and another born March 28 are not good partners does it mean their relationship is doomed from the start?
Sign Quality Triplicity Quadruplicity Ruler
Leo Positive Fire Fixed Sun
Virgo Negative Earth Mutable Mercury

Since Leo and Virgo are polar opposites does this mean that I am damned to be weird and internally contradicted forever?
Does the cosmos have it out for me?

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